Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Drinking with Locals? Always a Good Decision.

One of my great inspirations, world traveler,  reformed partier, and certified badass Anthony Bourdain, said it best: “Drink heavily with locals whenever possible.” Uncle Tony, I could not agree more. One of my favorite experiences of drinking with locals was a few nights into my stay in Ubud. And, like many good experiences, it happened […]

Ubud, Bali: Come Here for the Culture

There are two primary reasons why most people come to Bali: the beaches and the culture. For the beaches, most people go to the Kuta region, though Sanur, Nusa Dua, and Lovina are popular as well.  For culture, though, one place leads the pack: Ubud. Ubud is a great place to soak up Balinese culture. […]

My First Indonesian White Party

I can’t stop raving about how wonderful the people of Bali are. They are so kind, so friendly, and genuinely interested to learn about you!  At times, I literally sit back and marvel at how amazing they are. Before arriving in Bali, I contacted a few local organizations looking for complimentary activities in exchange for […]

I’ve Found The Secret To Happiness

Around a year ago, I was working at a job that I truly despised. To escape, every day during my lunch, I would take an hourlong walk around the suburban neighborhood that surrounded my office, and I’d listen to my favorite music. If I were having a bad day at work, I’d listen to Maxwell’s Urban […]

Learning to Surf in Bali

I would like to apologize to every guy I’ve ever mocked for wearing a speedo. That may be a strange way to start a post about surfing lessons in Bali, but stay with me here! Like it or not, you just can’t surf in a bikini.  Boobs will be flying all over the place, and […]

It’s Time To Leave Asia.  I’m Not Ready.

As I write this, I have less than a week remaining in Southeast Asia.  As this publishes, I have less than 48 hours. I’m not ready to go. I absolutely love this corner of the world.  It’s not just the incomparable weather, the delicious food, the insane nightlife, the gorgeous beaches, the quirky people I […]

Kuta: The Worst Place In Bali

Don’t let these pretty pictures fool you — Kuta may be the most vile place on Earth. If you’ve researched Bali tourism, you may have heard that – but for me, I found that guidebooks mostly glossed over this fact.  However, many travel bloggers wrote eloquently about this, none of them better than Wandering Earl. […]

A Night at the Singapore Night Safari

I had one major sight on my agenda for Singapore: visit the Singapore Night Safari. This is one of the more unique zoo experiences of which I’ve heard — it features exclusively nocturnal animals and lets you walk around on trails in a cage-free environment. But first, you should know two things before going to […]

How to Do Singapore on the Cheap

Singapore is clean, beautiful and blissfully organized — like nowhere else in Southeast Asia! Unfortunately, that comes at a price. Singapore is much more expensive than the rest of Southeast Asia.  For a cheap, basic backpacker’s itinerary, what would cost you $20-30 in Thailand or Vietnam would cost you upwards of $50 in Singapore. But […]

Getting Henna in Little India, Singapore

Everyone was right – Little India WAS worlds away from the rest of Singapore. The city-state’s immaculate streets were suddenly filled with every color of the rainbow.  Swaths of crimson and azure silk hung from fabric shops; gold jewelry glittered from glass-covered cases. But it was still Singapore – still clean, still orderly, still marvelous! […]