Friday, May 26th, 2017

Winning Big at the Chester Races

In my quest to immerse myself in all things English, I found myself enjoying a quintessential English activity – betting on the horses at the Chester Races! The city of Chester is perhaps best known for the Chester Races.  The Chester Racecourse is the oldest racecourse in Britain, dating back to the 1600s! And while […]

Getting to Know Chester: A New Video!

Before my trip to Southeast Asia, I had never heard of Chester, England.  Less than a year later, Chester has become my base here in Europe! Chester is a beautiful city in the northwest of England, and I wanted to share more of it with you all — so I waited until the most beautiful […]

October Travel Plans: Explore the UK!

Since my Germany-Austria-Liechtenstein adventure, I’ve returned to the closest thing I have to a home in Europe: my pretty little northern city of Chester, England. It’s been a welcome break.  I learned the hard way that I planned WAY too much into too short a time period.  I had no idea I would be going […]

The Craziest Piano Bar in Salzburg

I always go out looking to experience the nightlife wherever I travel, but really, Salzburg was something new entirely. My friend Ken and I (by the way, if you haven’t yet, check out his site — he’s a brilliant photographer!) found a random bar on the edge of the Old Town called Peter’s. We walked […]

In the City of Mozart

If there were any historical figure who could move me to tears, there’s only one.  Mozart. Many of you know that I was groomed to be a serious musician from a very young age.  I worked hard; I later enrolled at Boston Conservatory.  And while it didn’t turn into a full-time career, music has always […]

The Beauty of Salzburg

There is so much to say about Salzburg.  Some come here for Mozart, the town’s favorite son.  Some come for a more recent musical legacy, The Sound of Music. But either way, the people who come to this city in north-central Austria are immediately spellbound by its beauty.  I know I was. Salzburg is very […]

The Sound of Music Tour of Salzburg, Austria

If there’s anything that brings tourists in droves to beautiful Salzburg, Austria, it’s seeing the city where The Sound of Music is filmed. Lots of sights from the movie are in the city — like the Mirabell Gardens, where the song “Do, Re, Mi” takes place — but for most of the sights, you need […]

Vienna is for Architecture Lovers

I confess, Vienna wasn’t on my original travel itinerary.  (Actually, nothing was beyond Innsbruck, Munich and Liechtenstein!)  But after adding on time in Seefeld and Salzburg with the help of Tourism Austria, I had two days to kill in between events in Salzburg — and I couldn’t bear to spend so much time in Austria without […]

How About a Vienna Vlog?

I’ve been toying with the idea of adding regular vlogs — video blogs.  I’m a bit wary about spending too much time on them, since I know that far more people will read my writing than watch my videos (especially those viewing from work — LOVE you!). So let’s start with a Vienna vlog, where […]

A Night at the Interalpen Hotel-Tyrol

While attending TBU, I had a lovely surprise.  I won one of the prizes from Austria Tourism — a night at the five-star Interalpen Hotel-Tyrol in Seefeld, Tirol! I brought my friend Pia as my guest and we got the luxury treatment, complete with a tour of the resort and a welcome reception with rose champagne. Our […]