Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Strange Food: Istanbul’s Chicken Pudding

While in Istanbul, I spent the majority of my time doing two things: eating and walking.  And eating while walking, and walking to restaurants.  Have I mentioned that I enjoy food? One of the most memorable meals was in a tiny, nondescript restaurant by the Galata Bridge called Kismet Muhallebecisi (Kucukpazar Cad. 68, Eminonu, Istanbul).  Jodi […]

Hiking in Cappadocia: The Freakiest Landscape on Earth

Of all the landscapes in the world, there is NOWHERE that looks like Cappadocia. That’s what drew me to this region of central Turkey — this freaky, otherworldly landscape.  During the Tertiary period (65 million to 2 million years ago), volcanic activity formed the mountains in the region.  Over the next few millions of years, […]

Petra by Night? More like Petra by DOWNPOUR!

Petra by Night is a lovely introduction to Petra — you visit the famed Treasury while it’s illuminated by candlelight as soft music plays and they serve tea. Under normal circumstances, it looks like this: Image: Debraj It didn’t exactly happen that way for me. The weather had been good all week, but it began […]

11 Best Photos of 2011

In a year that took me all over the world, I probably took at least 10,000 photos before paring them down to a manageable 3,000 or so. And some of them stand out more than the others. Here are my 11 best photos from 2011: Wolfgang Zee, Austria.  This was a stop on my Sound […]

My Adventurous Travels — from A to Z

There has been a meme being passed around lately — “A to Z travel” — and I’m delighted to have been tagged by my friend Amanda of A Dangerous Business. Here you’ll find out about some of my travels, long before the days of the blog, that I’ve never talked about here before! Here goes: […]

A Day at the Birmingham Christmas Market

I had never heard of the Birmingham Christmas Market until fairly recently — and soon learned that it was the largest Christmas market in the UK. That was enough of a reason for me to go! Birmingham, in the West Midlands region of England, is the second largest city in the UK, and you’ll find […]

A Year in the Life of a Full-Time Traveler

All my life, I’ve dreamed of traveling the world.  And in 2011, I achieved what I once thought was impossible without winning the lottery: I became a full-time traveler. And it wasn’t how I pictured.  You DON’T need to be insanely rich to travel the world.  I’m incredibly fortunate to have built myself a life […]

How to Tie a Bedouin Scarf

On this icy cold Sunday — well, at least it is here in Massachusetts! — I’ve got a video for you straight from the desert: Wadi Rum in Jordan. While in Jordan, I learned that there are SO many ways to tie a headscarf, either for men or for women. And I wanted to learn […]

Istanbul: As Seen By Instagram

Istanbul is an insanely photogenic city — mosques and minarets dotting the landscape, the Bosphorus so much bigger than it looks on a map, the cramped streets filled with meticulously tended buildings, the blood-red Turkish flag waving in the breeze. So of course I had to get out my iPhone to capture this beauty!  Here […]

Camping with Bedouins in Wadi Rum

I was very much looking forward to the Wadi Rum leg of my trip to Jordan — because I would be camping in the desert!  As a girl who has camped her entire life, first went camping at twelve days old (!), and took her first steps in a tent (seriously), I knew camping with […]