Friday, May 26th, 2017

Shetland: The Strangest Place I’ve Ever Been

This past summer, I visited Liechtenstein and declared it one of the weirdest places I’ve ever been.  But after visiting Shetland, I chucked that theory out the window. Liechtenstein is delightfully quirky — the Zooey Deschanel of principalities.  Shetland, by comparison, is Bjork laying an egg on the red carpet. I had the time of […]

7 Super Shots — From Cambodia!

HostelBookers has started a new meme in the travel blogging community — 7 Super Shots, encouraging people to share their favorite travel photos in seven categories. I was nominated by my friend Michael of Go, See, Write and I decided to do the meme — with a twist: Cambodia. Cambodia affects me emotionally more than […]

Porto: The Land of Port and Bridges

For my second Portuguese destination, I headed straight to Porto, the largest city of northern Portugal.  I didn’t know too much about it — it was a smaller city, apparently very nice, and the ancestral home of port. What shocked me was that Porto was not only beautiful, but astonishingly so. The Ribeira neighborhood of […]

Feeling Like a Local Around the World

This week, the theme for #FriFotos is “local.”  I could do aBoston photo essay, but I’ve done a much better one before.  Instead, I’ll show photos from living like a local around the world. Wherever I travel, I try to live like a local, at least a little bit.  I take public transportation.  I buy […]

Making Peace with Winter

When I jump-started my full-time traveling, the timing could not have been more fortuitous. Not surprisingly, it was in the middle of an endless New England winter when I decided that I would leave home and head for the heat and humidity of Southeast Asia. Little did I know that the upcoming winter, the one […]

The Sunshine of Lisbon

When I arrived in Lisbon, two things struck me immediately: how beautiful the city was, and how insanely hilly the city was.  Like as hilly as San Francisco, only with cobblestones. The more I got to know Lisbon, the more comparisons I drew between Lisbon and San Francisco.  It was hilly, of course, but it […]

Surprise!  I’m in Portugal!

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you already heard the news.  I’m in Portugal and Spain for five weeks! I just got to Lisbon yesterday and I am already bowled over by this city.  It’s incredibly beautiful, remarkably intuitive, and surprisingly affordable.  I have no doubt that Lisbon will be one of my new favorite […]

Looking Back: Special Moments Around the World

This week’s #FriFotos theme is “special moments.”  A theme that’s open to interpretation, and that I enjoyed as I sifted through my photos. Travel, to me, is special moment after special moment — but some moments rise above all and become the moments you’ll remember decades later.  Here are a few of my favorites: The […]

Road Tripping Down Scotland’s East Coast

After an amazing time at Up Helly Aa — from the parades and bar singalongs to the festival of fire to the epic all-night party, it was time to head back to mainland Scotland with our Haggis Adventures crew. We finished our Up Helly Aa experience with a final hazy day in Shetland, exploring the […]

Up Helly Aa: The Epic After-Party

Up Helly Aa is all about the explosions of fire and burning torches, the parades and Viking songs. What is less known is that it’s ALSO about some legendary after-parties. After the burning of the galley, there are 10 official Up Helly Aa parties around town.  These parties last from 9:00 PM to roughly 9:00 […]