Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Adventurous Kate Crashes a Wedding

Readers, I have a challenge for you.  I dare you to find me one person who saw Wedding Crashers and said to themselves, “You know what?  That looks kind of lame.” Good luck — because everyone I know who saw that movie walked out of the theater bright-eyed and excited, saying, “I SO have to […]

Sexy Pools Around the World

This week, the #FriFotos theme is pool.  It immediately made me think of the wonderful hotels around the world that really put the effort into building cool pools.  And then there are the CLUBS that put the effort into building cool pools… Here are some of my favorite pools around the world: At the Kempinski […]

My Favorite Natural Wonders Around the World

This week, the #FriFotos theme is “Earth Day.”  After thinking for a bit, I decided that the best way to exemplify this theme would be to show photos of my favorite natural wonders around the world. I hope that the coming generations continue to keep these wonderful places protected. Wadi Rum, Jordan — this desert […]

Where I’m Going This Spring and Summer

It’s been three and a half weeks since I returned to my home in Chester, England, after my month in Spain and Portugal.  And those three and a half weeks have been far from relaxing — Dave and I just finished moving into a new house with our friend Collette.  A word to the wise: […]

Traditional Valencian Costumes and Rituals at Las Fallas

“What I love about festivals in Spain is that they’re all ingrained in religion somehow, and their traditions have been passed down for generations,” our Busabout guide, Dax, told us.  “Well, except for La Tomatina.  That’s just a tomato fight.  But the rest of them, they’re about religion.” Dax is right — and being in […]

The Reality of Being a Professional Travel Blogger

Becoming a professional travel blogger has been a dream come true for me in so many ways.  I’ve found a way to get paid for my favorite hobby, and do so while following my dream of traveling the world. Sometimes I can’t believe this is my life.  Six weeks ago, I was invited on a […]

Valencia: More Than Just Fire

During Las Fallas, Valencia is a heaving mass of people in costume, bands playing, and firecrackers exploding every minute.  And that’s honestly not an exaggeration at all. Want to see how insane it was?  Check out the view from our balcony at Purple Nest Hostel: Seriously.  Imagine that, nonstop, all day and all night. After […]

Las Fallas: Spain’s Festival of Fire

My biggest reason for visiting Spain?  Attending the Las Fallas festival in Valencia — the festival filled with a week of fireworks, explosions, and giant burning effigies! And it almost ended in disaster.  Read through to the end of this piece to see how I averted one of the most horrifying calamities that I can […]

Madrid in One Day — As Curated By You!

Madrid originally wasn’t on my Spain itinerary.  With all I wanted to see in Andalusia, and needing to get to Valencia in time for Las Fallas, I didn’t think I’d have the time. But after I announced this, there was a mild mutiny on my Facebook page.  “DO NOT SKIP MADRID,” my friend Hilary implored. […]

100 Years Since Titanic.  1 Year Since My Wreck.

I almost missed the date.  March 28th was the anniversary of my shipwreck off the coast of Komodo Island in Indonesia.  I wouldn’t have remembered if my shipmates hadn’t emailed me.  It was good to hear that they’re doing well these days, especially little baby Elin, who was just 10 months old when our Perama […]