Friday, May 26th, 2017

Peaks Around the World

This week’s #Frifotos theme is “peaks” — and I had quite a few from which to choose! I love mountains.  I was never really much of a mountain girl until I started traveling — then I fell in love with them.  They give me a level of peace that I’ve struggled to find elsewhere in […]

Johannesburg: I Guarantee It’s Not What You Think.

Four nights in Johannesburg?   I clicked through my trip itinerary in mild disbelief.  In a country as wild and diverse and incredible as South Africa, did we really have to spend more than one third of our trip in this much-maligned city? Looking back, I don’t blame myself for thinking that way.  There is […]

Ask Kate: How Do I Meet People When Traveling Alone?

Welcome to our new weekly segment — Ask Kate!  Email your travel questions to kate [at] adventurouskate [dot com] with the subject “Ask Kate.” Hi Kate, I’m looking to go to Europe in the spring and do not have anyone to go with me so I decided that I should go alone. I’m a little […]

Sustainable Travel in South Africa: Living Among the Trees in Knysna

After two weeks of intense travel in South Africa, from safaris to townships and city visits — not to mention slicing up my knee in a Blokart crash — what I needed was a place where I could crash for a few days, taking time to enjoy South Africa’s rural beauty in the process. I […]

The Extraordinary Beauty of Kruger National Park

Think going on an African safari is all about the animals?  Well, by definition, it might be, but seeing the awe-inspiring landscapes is a huge part of it as well! I love photographing landscapes more than anything else, and I couldn’t resist apologetically asking our guides Lee-Anne and JP to stop the vehicle again and […]

The Ultimate Luxury Safari — Ngala Tented Camp

My African safari in Kruger National Park was one of my absolute favorite travel experiences of recent memory.  A safari, in and of itself, is amazing.  But this one went so far beyond my expectations, it left me reeling. What made it beyond amazing?  Staying at the Ngala Tented Camp of &Beyond Safaris, in the […]

New Town, New Phone: Exploring Knysna with the Samsung Galaxy SIII

This past summer, I had a big shock while changing trains at Downtown Crossing station in Boston.  It was my first time taking the T during rush hour in quite a while, and I was stunned at the sea of people before me. EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the platform, young and old, was on their […]

South Africa: More Than I Ever Imagined

I’ve been in South Africa for two weeks, and I am still in disbelief at how much this country has amazed me. Is South Africa what I thought it would be?  It was BETTER. I knew I would enjoy it, but I had no idea I would enjoy it this much.  Here are some of […]

Barcelona and Me: The Complicated Relationship Continues

This past March, I visited Barcelona for the first time.  As you may recall, I was massively underwhelmed, finding the city dirty, crowded, and expensive compared to the rest of Spain, and even the lovely architecture couldn’t lift my spirits. This September, I had a day and a half to spend in Barcelona between TBU […]

Introducing the Beautiful City of Stockholm

Dear Readers: If you come across a contest takes little effort to enter and has no repercussions afterward, there’s no reason not to enter.  Play your cards right and you could win a nice dinner out.  Or a car. OR you could win a trip to Stockholm. At World Travel Market last year, I dropped […]