Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Adventure Inspiration Film: 2 Days in Paris


Film: 2 Days in Paris

Setting: Paris

Plot: Thirty-something couple, American-born Jack (Adam Goldberg) and French-born Marion (Julie Delpy), spend two days in Paris with her family before returning home to New York.  Following a disastrous vacation in Venice, they continue to fall apart from each other as Jack learns about Marion’s life before him.

This is no typical Paris movie.

There’s no Eiffel Tower.  No Arc de Triomphe.  No Louvre, no Notre-Dame and certainly no cute little sidewalk cafés. This Paris isn’t pretty and romantic — it’s dark, it’s dirty, and it’s troubling.

That being said, this film is hilarious.  It could have been a simple comedy of manners about an American being served braised rabbit, eyeballs still intact, and eating it to please his girlfriend’s parents.  No.  Every moment gets cranked up to 11.

Julie Delpy not only starred in the movie, she also directed, co-produced, wrote the script, edited and even composed the score and performed a song.  Her parents in the film are played by her real parents, both respected comic actors in France.

You’d think she did everything because nobody else would.  But this film is nearly perfect.  Perhaps that’s because Julie Delpy has her unmistakable touch on every facet.  She wanted to show a gritty side of Paris.  And Paris, in between the perfectly landscaped gardens and beautiful palaces, is a gritty place.

Also, if you can’t stand “ugly American” tourists, Jack plans your ultimate fantasy against a group of “Da Vinci Code-Breakers.”  You’ll love it.

Watch the trailer here:

FYI — this film is available to watch instantly on Netflix.

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One Response to “Adventure Inspiration Film: 2 Days in Paris”
  1. Eliza Muller says:

    Thanks for the reccomendation! I will watch this movie in the future because I want to be reminded a little about my trip to Paris!

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