Saturday, May 27th, 2017

Announcing the San Antonio Giveaway Winners!


I had lots of swag to give away from San Antonio, and the winners have been chosen!

Winner of the Texas Provincial Cookbook: Teri B.

Winner of the Camelbak: Alouise D.

Winner of the Molcajete: Katie H.

Winner of the Scentchips Gift Pack: Alexis M.

All winners were selected randomly via

Thank you all for entering!

In other news, I got to spend time with another molcajete last night — at Ole Mexican Grill in Inman Square in Cambridge.  Inman is a great neighborhood — it would probably be my first choice

Anyway, I’m always saying that you can’t find decent Mexican food in Boston, and for the most part, it’s true.  (I do recommend Tu Y Yo in Somerville for authentic Oaxacan cuisine, though.)  Ole Mexican Grill’s food was pretty good, and if you go there, I particularly recommend the Korean-style tacos.

Which brings me to Beth’s birthday cake:


Beth has a salad for lunch everyday, so her coworker Gayle, along with one of their students, made a salad cake.

On the bottom are vanilla cupcakes.  The frosting is some kind of cereal flake (Frosted Flakes?) covered with green frosting, to represent the spinach leaves.

The broccoli florets are actually made from carefully sculpted Laffy Taffy, topped with sparkly green sugar sprinkles.

Adding bright red jelly beans for cherry tomatoes made the perfect touch.

I’ve seen a lot of birthday cakes, but never one like this before.

Beth, the girls, and I were talking about upcoming trips.  We began by talking about Egypt, but as we were consuming vast quantities of guacamole, the conversation inevitably turned back to Mexico.  If you were to compare the two, they would be quite different — holidays to Egypt would be all about the culture, versus relaxing vacations in Mexico, likely Cancun.  In Cancun, you can’t beat doing absolutely nothing during the day and hitting up the crazy bars at night.

Then again, in Egypt, you could go to Dahab and just lie on the beach, or  you could go see ruins in Mexico, so they’re more alike than you think.

But anyway, we had guacamole last night.  And it was made and served in a molcajete.

That was a bit of a tangent.


3 Responses to “Announcing the San Antonio Giveaway Winners!”
  1. Thank you, Kate for the Texas Provincial Cookbook. It’s right up my alley. Beth’s cake is a blast. I may copy the idea some day.

  2. That birthday cake is so cool! I really thought that those were broccoli pieces and cherry tomatoes =).

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