Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Beautiful Innsbruck — as seen by Instagram


I’ve now arrived in Innsbruck and am enjoying the Travel Bloggers Unite conference, even though the conference itself is yet to begin!

As one of the conference activities, today I took an iPhone photography tour with Kirsten Alana, travel blogger and famed iPhone photographer.  Kirsten taught us that you actually can get professional-quality photos from an iPhone, and there’s no excuse for taking bad iPhone photos when you have so many great tools.

For the best results, you need an iPhone 4, but you can definitely do well with a 3GS, which I have.  You just need the apps: like AutoStitch, PS Express, 8mm, Pro HDR, Diptic, and more.

And I immediately became obsessed with Instagram.

Yes, I’m a bit late on the uptake — Instagram has been enormously popular with iPhone users for some time.  This app takes your photos and has a variety of filters to make them look cool and retro.

Presenting Innsbruck, Austria — via Instagram!

Innsbruck is just plunked down in the middle of the Alps, and they’re taller than any mountains I’ve ever seen.  That said, the drive in from Munich didn’t involve any twisting and turning around mountain passes, much to my relief.

I love the brightly colored houses in Innsbruck.  It’s amazing how architecture evolves over regions — the houses were similar to Prague but not as ornate, similar to Munich but not as muted, and similar to northern Italy but neater.

It’s all about the Old Town in Innsbruck — this is the region with the best-preserved architecture, and it’s absolutely beautiful.  I especially loved the side streets.

And outside of the Old Town, you see plenty of modern architecture, like this space-age building.

All over the city, you see churches like the one above with incredibly ornate interiors.

Above is one of the main streets of the old town, Marie-Theresien-Strasse.  You’ll find lots of cafes here, some restaurants and bars, lots of bike racks (Innsbruck is a very bikable city) and more of the beautiful candy houses, with a view of the Alps in the background.

This photo, taken while exiting the Old Town, might be one of my very favorites.

I never had much of a desire to visit Innsbruck before this trip — mostly because it seemed like a ski resort town for package holidays.  And I’m sure you’re aware that I’m neither a skier not a winter person whatsoever, so why would I have any interest?

Well, if you plan a trip during the summer (and yes, it is SO hot here — around the high eighties, or mid-thirties for the Celsius crowd), you can enjoy a picturesque town surrounded by unbelievably green mountains.  Innsbruck is a holiday destination worth considering.

Stay tuned for more coverage from Innsbruck and TBU!





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20 Responses to “Beautiful Innsbruck — as seen by Instagram”
  1. Instagram is the bomb!! Unfortunately, it sucks up a lot of my time with all the fun filters!

  2. fotoeins says:

    I’m considering a day-trip to Innsbruck in October; your photos have only helped. 🙂 Thanks for your post, Kate!

  3. Kris Koeller says:

    Instagram is like auto-tune for photography. But man, it makes it easy to take great photos!

  4. This is the first time I have heard about Innsbruck and it looks incredible. Thanks for sharing! We might have to add it our our RTW list next year 🙂

  5. Kate, thank you soo much for the shout-out! I have really enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you better during TBU. Thank you for taking my photo walk / tour and I am really glad that you learned at least one or two things new. Looking forward to sharing the rest of TBU with you and watching your iPhoneography obsession grow 😉 Feel free to email or twitter contact me with iPhoneography questions anytime!!

  6. Jenna says:

    Love your photos–they really make me want to go to Innsbruck! Instagram is the best; it’s one of my favorite apps. Hope you have a great time in Europe and at the conference!

  7. Natalie T. says:

    Gorgeous pics Kate! My favourite is the one of the details on the church. Hope you’re having a fun time at the conference. Is this your first one? I don’t think you were at TBEX NYC but I could be mistaken. Can’t wait to hear all of the updates of course! Cheers, Natalie

    • It is my first — I thought I wasn’t good enough for TBEX NYC (spoiler: I was), and I had a wedding during TBEX Vancouver. But honestly, I think I would only go to TBEX to unconference, seeing as just about everyone says the only benefit is meeting people.

      • Natalie T. says:

        You were ALWAYS good for TBEX! Even if you’re just meeting people, you’ll still learn lots. I still learned in the sessions; I just didn’t depend on them as much this year. Plus, it’s also about seeing a new destination for me too. Vancouver was gorgeous and I highly recommend it.

  8. Jayne says:

    I need to get into Instagramming my pics again as these are fab! Lovely work lady 🙂

  9. Absolutely gorgeous. My full name is like that street photo you took, Maria Terese. Are those Lederhosen on those street walkers with rucksacks? lol You are so fortunate to be able to experience so many different cultures and places. Have fun.

  10. Wow that’s so cool! You got some really nice photos =)

  11. Amanda says:

    Awesome idea for a post, Kate! Not only a great way to show off beautiful Innsbruck, but also a great way to show off your Instagram skillz!

    Isn’t Instagram fun? For me, it was a great way to be able to share photos during my recent road trip while I was on the move.

  12. Fun post – looks like a cute village. Would love to visit during the winter

  13. Laura says:

    Lovely photos! Looks like a really fun time 🙂

  14. Great photos! Really love the one of the church. Would love to be able to experience the culture there.

  15. Great pics Kate! I’m completely jealous that not only did you get to spend so much time with Kirsten, but you got to tap into her awesome photography knowledge too 🙂

    Looking forward to more great pics in future!

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