Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Best Of The Blog

New to the site?  Looking for the best stories?  Look no further!

Here is a collection of the best, craziest, most inspiring, most useful and most beautiful posts on the site.  I hope you enjoy them.


Craziest Adventures

Top 3: 

Adventurous Kate Gets Shipwrecked in Indonesia

Up Helly Aa in Shetland — Possibly My Best Adventure Yet! and also Part 1Part 2Part 3

Adventurous Kate Gets Naked in Public

More great stories:

Visiting the White House During Christmas

Hitting on Jon Stewart in New York City

My Night with Vanilla Ice

Eating Insects in Bangkok

Adventurous Kate Goes to a Bangkok Ping Pong Show

My Life as a German Movie Star

A Night with a Thai Mafia Don

How NOT to Go Skinny-Dipping

A Night on a Thai Party Train

How I Almost Got Banned From Vietnam

Drinking Snake Blood in Vietnam

Learning to Drive Like a Vietnamese Madwoman

The Cambodian Merry-Go-Round of Death

My First Indonesian White Party

Songkran in Bangkok: The Greatest Festival on Earth

Adventurous Kate Eats 10 Chili Peppers In a Row

Attack of the Naked Man

Adventurous Kate Crashes a Wedding

Snorkeling Silfra: The Coldest, Bluest Waters of Iceland

Iceland’s Phallological Museum: For Peen Lovers Only

Busabout Croatia Sail: THE. MOST. FUN. EVER.

The Blue Train: Crossing South Africa in Luxury

Ten Years Since Florence: A Retrospective on Study Abroad


Most Inspiring Posts

How I Saved $13,000 For Travel In Just Seven Months

The Reality of Being a Professional Travel Blogger

Dear Ladies: This Can Be Your Life, Too.

Yes, You WILL Travel This Year. Here’s How.

travel solo

Solo Female Travel

Top 10 Travel Safety Tips for Women

How to Travel Solo to a Party Destination

Solo Female Travel in the Middle East – Is it Safe?

Why Travel Safely is Different for Women 

Solo Female Travel in India – Is it Safe? 

The Truth About Solo Female Travel and Safety

Great Trips for First-Time Solo Female Travelers

Should Solo Women Travelers Pretend to be Married?

“Why You No Have Boyfriend?”

Why Iceland is Perfect for First-Time Solo Female Travelers

How to Meet People When Traveling Alone and How to Make Friends While Traveling Solo

Never Compromise Your Travel Ideals

Skellig Michael

Travel Advice

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Yes, You WILL Travel This Year. Here’s How.

How to Start a Travel Blog in Six Easy Steps

Travel Safely: Always Consider the Source

Full Time Travel, Full Time Work – Is it Even Possible?

How to Handle Money While Traveling

How to Get a Phone Plan While Traveling

How to Deal with Child Beggars

When Your Family Won’t Support Your Travels

When You Want to Travel and Your Partner Doesn’t

How To Survive Your First Week on the Road

When Your Credit Cards Are Stolen While Traveling

Packing List for Seven Months in Asia

Tips for Traveling with Curly Hair


Most Personal Posts

Top 3:

Confronting My Ghost Life in New York

Five Years of Travel Blogging: Hitting the Reset Button

Endings, Beginnings, Big Changes, and What’s Next

More great stories:

Breaking Up, Moving On, and Leaving Chester

Colombo: Learning to Love an Unloveable City

Here’s to Being Crazy in Your 20s

Slowing Down Because We’re Traveling Too Fast

Cambodia Has Changed: And Not For the Better

And Then it All Went to Hell in Bulgaria

My Account of the Attack on the Boston Marathon

Is South Africa Safe?

Never Compromise Your Travel Ideals

I’ve Officially Become a Hippie.

Coming to Terms with the Vietnam War

I Watched Him Shopgirl His Girlfriend

I’ve Found The Secret To Happiness

Would You Name Your Kid After a Subway Station?

Chiang Mai is Not for Everyone.

My Problem With Bucket Lists

28 Things I’ve Learned About Life, Love, and Happiness

When You Get a Sign, LISTEN.

The Dark Side of the Scottish Highlands


Best Photo Essays

Norway’s Fjords in Photos

Ometepe: Inside Nicaragua’s Volcanic Island

Skelling Michael: Ireland’s Most Striking Destination

Scenes From Melbourne: The Coolest City on the Planet

22 Photos from 22 Days in the Balkans

Koh Lanta Sunsets

My Personal Paradise: Thailand’s Andaman Coast

The Unfathomable Beauty of the Faroe Islands

Paradise in the Plitivice Lakes

Meet Pučišća: The Most Beautiful Village in Croatia

Scenes from Rainy Edinburgh: The Water of Leith

My Best Photos of 2012

Postcards from Northern Portugal

A Glorious Day on the Cape Peninsula


Best Food Posts

A Street Food Crawl Through Queens, New York 

The Best Eats of the American South

25 Best Food Experiences in Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Why You Should Eat Street Food in Thailand

Street Food in Vietnam


Favourite Countries


Don’t Let Croatia Slip Through Your Fingers


Montenegro: The Most Beautiful Country in Europe


Koh Lanta: Still Fantastic, Three Years Later 


What’s it Really Like to Travel Japan?

South Africa

The Ultimate South Africa Road Trip Itinerary


Ometepe: Inside Nicaragua’s Volcanic Island


Visiting the White House During Christmas


13 Reasons to Fall in Love With Costa Brava, Spain


A Magical Journey Through Rauma, Finland


Macedonia: This Magnificent Country Will Surprise You 

faroe islands

Favorite Small Towns

Kampot, Cambodia

Kampot: I Want To Bottle This Town And Drink It

Pai, Thailand

Exploring Pai by Motorbike

Bevagna, Italy

How Umbria Changed My Mind About Italy

Labin, Croatia

Istria: The Best Kept Secret in Croatia

Gasadalur, Faroe Islands

The Unfathomable Beauty of the Faroe Islands

Besalú, Spain

Small Towns in Europe That I Love

Llangollen, Wales

Photo Essay: A Day in North Wales

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor: Beauty and the Bedbugs 


Favorite Cities

Zadar, Croatia

A Place Like Zadar

Paris, France

Where to Stay in Paris – Best Neighborhoods and Accommodations 

Edinburgh, Scotland

Fun, Cheap Things to do in Edinburgh 

New York City, New York

Confronting My Ghost Life in New York

Boston, MA

Boston A to Z: 26 Perfect Photos

Granada, Spain

Granada — Yes, I Would Live Here

Bangkok, Thailand

New in Bangkok: This Time Around!

Melbourne, Australia

Scenes From Melbourne: The Coolest City on the Planet

Hong Kong

Hong Kong: The Best Experiences

Bologna, Italy

Bologna, Italy: The Sexy, the Delicious, the Untouristed 

Ljubljana, Slovenia

A Road Trip Through Slovenia

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Mardi Gras: Magic, Music, and Mayhem in New Orleans

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah in Squares and Shadows 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photo Essay: Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires


Favorite Islands and Beaches

El Codolar, Spain

El Codolar, Tossa de Mar: My Favourite Hidden Beaches in Europe

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Koh Lanta: Still Fantastic, Three Years Later

Koh Chang, Thailand

Koh Chang, The Last Cheap Thai Island

Boracay, Philippines 

Boracay: The Ultimate Tropical Island

Samara, Costa Rica

In Search of Perfect Beach Towns: Samara, Costa Rica

San Blas, Malta

San Blas Bay: A Hidden Beach in Malta

Mljet, Croatia

Mljet: Captive in Paradise

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Rocking Out on Little Corn Island