Saturday, May 27th, 2017

California Road Trip Stops


Starting out at this point next year, I’ll be setting off for a road trip from Seattle to New York City — but rather than heading straight across the country, I’m taking a giant U-shaped across the United States.  The first part of that includes road tripping down California’s coast.

It’s actually my second road trip down the coast — my family and I drove from San Francisco to Los Angeles when I was sixteen and with my learner’s permit.  The drive was spectacular and, at times, terrifying.  (As much as I begged, my parents wouldn’t let me use my baby driving skills on Highway 1.)

So this time around, I’ll be driving — and I’d like to see some new places.  My top California road trip stops are Santa Barbara, Malibu, and San Diego.

San Clemente Evening

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has long held my imagination, and I can’t figure out why.  Maybe it’s the background of the mountains, seen even from the beaches.  Maybe it’s the crazy party scene.  Maybe the movie Sideways had more of an influence that I thought.

What I’ll Do: Eat amazing food, drink amazing wine, and take lots of photos.  And then maybe take a bike ride down the beach to work it all off.

Summer Nights in Malibu


I happen to have a slightly unhealthy obsession with celebrities.  And Malibu has long been a center for a now aging generation in Hollywood — a beach community that’s just far enough out of the city that the paparazzi are ever so slightly thinned out.  Plus those gorgeous beaches that stretch on forever.

What I’ll Do: Make an attempt to spot my favorite celebrities…but instead get yelled at by Barbra Streisand’s bodyguard for taking pictures of her.


San Diego

I still can’t believe I haven’t been to San Diego!  It’s the kind of city that is made for me — it has the best weather in America, amazing beaches, and tons of my friends descend upon it each year for Comic-Con.  (I wouldn’t go to the Con, but it would be nice seeing so many of them!)  It’s also a gorgeous city, and I love the architecture of La Jolla.

What I’ll Do: Head straight up to La Jolla, jump on a surfboard, and attempt to surf for the first time without an instructor giving me a push!  (And with that, I’ll probably stop and just bob in the middle of the sea.)

Where would you go in California?

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