Sunday, June 25th, 2017

My Favorite Places in Southeast Asia

Since coming home — and even before coming home — I’ve been asked one question more than any other: “What was your favorite place?” I could never narrow it down to one! To me, my destinations are like my children — I could never say I love one more than all the others! That said, […]

A Night at the Singapore Night Safari

I had one major sight on my agenda for Singapore: visit the Singapore Night Safari. This is one of the more unique zoo experiences of which I’ve heard — it features exclusively nocturnal animals and lets you walk around on trails in a cage-free environment. But first, you should know two things before going to […]

How to Do Singapore on the Cheap

Singapore is clean, beautiful and blissfully organized — like nowhere else in Southeast Asia! Unfortunately, that comes at a price. Singapore is much more expensive than the rest of Southeast Asia.  For a cheap, basic backpacker’s itinerary, what would cost you $20-30 in Thailand or Vietnam would cost you upwards of $50 in Singapore. But […]

Getting Henna in Little India, Singapore

Everyone was right – Little India WAS worlds away from the rest of Singapore. The city-state’s immaculate streets were suddenly filled with every color of the rainbow.  Swaths of crimson and azure silk hung from fabric shops; gold jewelry glittered from glass-covered cases. But it was still Singapore – still clean, still orderly, still marvelous! […]

I’m Not Fancy Enough For Singapore!

After nearly five months in Southeast Asia, I’ve created a new look for myself. Crazy hair, hippie pants, tank tops, far too many bracelets.  (In fact, it was because of my many bracelets that I was recently recognized by some readers in Bali!) If there’s a guy to impress, I’ll put on eyeliner and a […]