Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Christmas in Bavaria in 25 Photos

This year I achieved a long-held travel dream: visiting Christmas markets in Germany. It’s crazy that I haven’t done this until now! I remember visiting my first German Christmas market, albeit in another country — it was during my semester in Florence in 2004. The market was set up a two-minute walk from my apartment […]

Kicking Back in Munich’s Englischer Garden

Growing up in Massachusetts, the ocean has always been a short drive away.  I LOVE being close to the ocean and LOVE spending time on the beach (remember my Southeast Asia perma-tan?), and the idea of being landlocked terrifies me a little bit.  Even if I’m not heading to the beach, it’s nice to know […]

A Day in Munich — On the Cheap!

The first stop on my swing through Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein was Munich.  This was my first time in Munich, first time in Germany, and I had only one full day, so I knew I had to make it worth it. And I also wanted to keep it cheap.  I knew that my upcoming TBU […]