Sunday, June 25th, 2017

The Gellert Baths of Budapest

Image: chop1n One of the nice surprises about Budapest is that you’ll find thermal baths all over the city!  The baths are built around natural hot springs, and because there are so many establishments throughout the city, most of them are a bargain to visit. My friends and I knew that we had to go. […]

Visiting the White Chocolate Statue of Michael Jackson

In loving memory of Michael Jackson, one year after his death, here’s the story of how the King of Pop brought me to Budapest. I’m an enormous Michael Jackson fan — more than anyone I know personally.  I won’t get into specifics, but when he died last year, my phone lit up all night with […]

Budapest Adventure: Never Turn Down Wine from a Norwegian!

I was 24 hours into my Budapest adventure, and I felt like the richest woman in town.  I was in the middle of my semester in Florence, Italy, and after a few months in that expensive city, it was a relief to go somewhere where everything was affordable!  My three roommates and travel companions were […]