Saturday, May 27th, 2017

Sherlock Holmes and Maltese Hospitality in Switzerland

If you’re backpacking or traveling on a tight budget, I have advice for you: skip Switzerland. That’s not to say that Switzerland’s not a lovely and astoundingly beautiful place to visit. If you’ve got a mid-range or luxury budget, go ahead. And as I always say, if Switzerland is the destination that speaks to you, […]

The Joys and Challenges of Traveling with a Project

Traveling on the SOTM tour has been an incredible experience so far.  I’ve never done a trip like this before — doing a project and taking it around the world. Sure, you could consider this site a project, but doing Someone Once Told Me has been so different.  Everywhere Mario and I go, we ask […]

Geneva: Funny How Things Work Out In The End

Wow.  The SOTM Tour had only just begun, and Geneva was well on its way to being a complete and total disaster — but in typical fashion, it turned out amazingly! Geneva isn’t a typical city for backpackers to visit.  For starters, it’s expensive. How expensive? 10 CHF ($10) for two coffees at an outdoor cafe; […]

Europe: As Viewed From Above

Whenever I visit a new city, there are a few things I like to do: Stroll around the different neighborhoods. Find an awesome local bar. Climb to a high point and view the city from above. Here are several cities in Europe that I was lucky enough to view from above: Bruges, Belgium, as viewed […]

Switzerland Adventure: THE BUS RIDE FROM HELL

Florence, Italy, is a major study abroad hub.  Interlaken, Switzerland, is the adventure sports capital of Europe.  So it’s no surprise that an independent operator arranged a weekend college bus trip from Florence to Interlaken! I was so excited to go to Interlaken — I wanted to challenge myself and do the scariest, most extreme […]