Friday, May 26th, 2017

Breaking Up, Moving On, and Leaving Chester

In most cases, when a popular blogger ends a relationship, he or she can do so discreetly, perhaps without even mentioning it publicly. I can’t do that here.  Dave has been a major presence on this blog for the past year and a half, as I met him in Hanoi, Vietnam; as I moved in […]

Haircuts Around the World

Shortly after arriving in Florence for my semester abroad, I met a guy wearing a gold belt buckle shaped like a lion’s head, a pair of boot-cut jeans tight enough to cut off circulation on top, a shirt unbuttoned almost to his navel, and the trendiest near-mullet I’ve ever seen. And he was American. This […]

British Culinary Adventures: Making a Steak and Kidney Pie

Despite all the stereotypes about British food, don’t be fooled — the Brits do comfort food spectacularly well.  It’s all about the weather.  On the Northumbria coast and country, far up in chilly, wind-swept northeastern England, do you really think the Geordies crave ahi tuna and avocado salads? Again, it’s Northumbria, not southern California. Of […]

Winning Big at the Chester Races

In my quest to immerse myself in all things English, I found myself enjoying a quintessential English activity – betting on the horses at the Chester Races! The city of Chester is perhaps best known for the Chester Races.  The Chester Racecourse is the oldest racecourse in Britain, dating back to the 1600s! And while […]

Getting to Know Chester: A New Video!

Before my trip to Southeast Asia, I had never heard of Chester, England.  Less than a year later, Chester has become my base here in Europe! Chester is a beautiful city in the northwest of England, and I wanted to share more of it with you all — so I waited until the most beautiful […]

Well, Komodo Dragons, We Finally Meet.

I assumed that I would never get to see komodo dragons in real life.  After writing that Komodo Island was one of the five places I would never visit, and then booking a cruise to Komodo Island, only to wreck and wash up onto it in the middle of the night, I thought that we […]

Celebrating the Royal Wedding in Chester

While I’m no fan of the British Royal Family in general — and these days, really, who is? — I have always loved Prince William and Prince Hot Ginge Prince Harry. So when I found out I’d be in England for the Royal Wedding, I knew I had to celebrate in style! There were two […]

Chester: The Beauty of Northwest England

I had no idea that northwest England was home to so much beauty. The beautiful gardens of Eaton Hall, the modern skyline of Liverpool — but most of all, the city of Chester, filled with black and white Tudor buildings, ancient Roman ruins, and surrounded by city walls. (You didn’t really think I was done […]

Eaton Hall: It’s Good to Be the Duke

If you were one of the richest people in your country, and you had to build a vacation home in your home country, where would you build it? I think I’d go for a beach mansion in California.  Somewhere beautiful and dramatic — maybe Santa Barbara. Well, the Duke of Westminster is one of the […]