Thursday, December 18th, 2014

My Favorite New Destinations of 2014

It’s time for my annual collection of “best of the year” travel lists! Since I have no plans to travel to any new destinations before the end of the year, I’m ready to reveal the first: my favorite new destinations of the year. Every year, I do a round-up of my favorite new destinations of the year. In [...]

A Street Food Crawl Through Queens, New York

New York has become one of my bases over the past few years. With so many of my friends living there (as well as a sister who doesn’t mind putting me up on her couch), I’m spending more and more time in the city, and with that, looking for new and interesting things to do on my visits. [...]

The UNESCO Hunt: 72-81

   While it’s been more than a year since I made it my goal to visit 101 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, things slowed way down in Asia and North America over the winter. Don’t get me wrong — there are sites in Asia and North America, but it’s not as heavy a concentration as in Europe, [...]

The Best Eats of the American South

To say I was looking forward to Southern food would be an understatement. I literally planned the whole #SouthUSA trip around what I would be eating! Southern food is rooted in so much tradition and has so many geographic influences, from Africa to France to the Caribbean to Ireland, and I was so excited to finally try it [...]

Thoughts on Train Travel in America

I often get asked what other countries have that the U.S. doesn’t. My answer is always the same: a more comprehensive train system. I love trains. From the sleek bullet trains of Japan to the impossibly comfortable cars on Austria’s first-class cars to the ultimate luxury journey on rails, the Blue Train in South Africa, some of my most [...]

On Charleston and Victims of Timing

What do Luang Prabang, Barcelona, Bali, and South Korea have in common? For me, they were victims of timing. I visited each of these destinations at the worst time — either at the tail end of exhausting adventures, or after an incredible destination that I hadn’t wanted to leave in the first place. As a result, I [...]

SOTM Tour: The Final Month

The tour is over. I’m happy. Mario’s happy. It’s time to return to normal life, move into an apartment, and unpack for the first time in nearly a year. Since we didn’t end up traveling for the full twelve months — just eleven months and four days — I decided to make this the final monthly [...]

Savannah in Squares and Shadows

Most destinations give me a chance to fall in love with them on my own terms. Savannah did not do that. Savannah insisted, demanded, and eventually took me by the hand and intoxicated me by force. Did I protest? I wouldn’t dream of it. Savannah, the famed small riverside city in Georgia, is charming, as [...]

A Taste of Jacksonville Sunshine

There are very few places in the world where you need to go north in order to go south. One of those places is Florida. Though Florida is the southernmost part of the contiguous United States, most of Florida doesn’t feel like the American South at all. But the northern part of the state sure does! With [...]

Seaside, Florida — Truman’s Pastel Universe

No destination I’ve visited in the past year has surprised me as much as the little town of Seaside, Florida. Seaside is a tiny town on the Florida panhandle. I had no idea it even existed until meeting a lady in Mississippi who recommended it, telling us it was wonderful, and sighing so deeply and emphatically [...]