Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Contest Alert: Brag Your Way To a Holiday


The following branded content post is brought to you by Three UK. This is a sweet photo-driven contest available to my UK readers, and I hope you enjoy it!

One of my continuous annoyances while traveling is trying to stay online. Some hotels still charge insane amounts for internet. Others make you sign in every time you pick up your phone. And more often than not, I somehow end up buying a SIM card that doesn’t even work indoors.

You know what would be easier? Just turning on your phone.

Well, now you can do that.

There is now an exciting solution from Three UK, the phone company I’ve been using since I moved to London in 2012. Three is introducing a new initiative called Feel at Home — in short, you can use your Three minutes AND data plan in several different countries at no extra charge.


Got unlimited data at home? You’ve got unlimited data on the road. This is a big deal.

There are currently 11 countries where you can use your data and minutes at no extra charge: Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Macau, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and the USA.

Starting on July 1, you can add Finland, France, Israel, Norway, and Switzerland to the list.

Finland, you say? I just so happen to be heading there in July for Must Love Festivals. I’ll be trying it out there for sure.

San Blas Bay Beach

Finding a hidden beach in Gozo? Definitely a holiday braggie.

Brag Your Way to a Holiday

Three UK is giving away three lucky holiday braggers trips worth £5,000 each! Each trip will be to one of the 16 Feel at Home destinations. This challenge runs from June 9 through June 27 and is all about showing off what you see when you travel.

Think what you could do with £5,000 in these locations. You could live it up in Vegas or on the French Riviera. You could go to Australia or Hawaii. Or enjoy a trip to Switzerland or Norway for less than the cost of your firstborn!

To enter the challenge, you can post pictures along with the weekly holiday braggie theme.

Here are the themes:

Week 1: Selfies

Week 2: Landscapes, cityscapes, rooms with a view

Week 3: Freestyle

Dubai Toes

Tweeting my toes from the pool in Dubai on my 29th birthday was definitely a holiday braggie. Nobody needs to know that it was 115 degrees and the sweat was pouring off me, even in the pool…

How to Enter

There are three ways to enter the contest:

1) Visit the Three UK “Feel at Home” contest page on Facebook.

2) Tweet a picture with both @ThreeUK and the hashtag #HolidayBraggie.

3) Instagram a picture with both @ThreeUK and the hashtag #HolidayBraggie.

That’s it!

Vanilla Ice and Me

The first week’s theme is selfies, and I DARE you to beat this one of me on stage with Vanilla Ice back in 2007!

I’ll be judging the contest entries with several of my fellow bloggers and I will be sharing my favorite submitted photos with you. Really looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

Again, this contest is open to UK residents 18 and older only. Read the full terms and conditions here. (No worries, non-UK residents — I’ve got more contests coming this summer.)

Good luck! And as always, I hope my readers end up winning this contest!

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9 Responses to “Contest Alert: Brag Your Way To a Holiday”
  1. Lauren says:

    Aw, wish the contest was open to Canadians! I really wish we had a cell phone provider in Canada like this! It would be great to use data when I’m traveling about, especially in the USA instead of having to go wifi only! It is too expensive here as it is for cell phone coverage, nevermind adding on other countries to the plan!

  2. Ooooo, looks like a fun contest! Thanks for sharing, Kate.

    Happy travels 🙂

  3. What a cool contest! Too bad I’m no longer in the UK anymore. I was a Three subscriber! T_T

  4. I got so excited until I realized it was UK only…Waaa 🙁
    Awesome Vanilla Ice selfie…lol

  5. anurita de says:

    Hi Kate, The FB link is not working. Is it correct? Thanks!

  6. I’ll rather stay offline on holiday.

  7. dami says:

    Damn i missed it

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