Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Happy Six-Month Anniversary, Adventurous Kate!


The first entry in this site posted on February 8, 2010: How to Travel With a Sibling.  Six months later, I am thrilled with how big of a success Adventurous Kate has become!

First of all, I am so grateful to you, the readers.  Whether you subscribed to my RSS feed, retweeted a link or commented on a post, please know how much that means to me.  I appreciate it more than I can say.  Without you, I have nothing.

Here’s an update on the state of the site:

The Good

Adventurous Kate is climbing steadily in the rankings.  The site’s Alexa rank is currently at 168,907 and there are 131 RSS subscribers, 1,737 Twitter followers and 200 Facebook fans.

Traffic has been steadily increasing.  Take a look at visits by the day and the week:

The traffic spike on the Fourth of July, mostly due to people Googling “boston fireworks time” (I rank #1), makes it hard to compare daily traffic.

To get a better perspective, take a look at weekly visits:

I’m not revealing specific numbers, but I am extremely pleased with how traffic continues to rise each week.

And check this out:

See those little bursts of blue at the bottom? Those mark days that I jumped into the top 100,000 most visited sites on the web, according to Alexa.

I love writing the #TNI recaps each week.  It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort, not to mention my Thursday nights, but the resulting traffic and Twitter followers are SO worth it.

Financially speaking, I’ve earned some money from sponsored posts, which has been tremendously helpful, and I’m hoping to earn more on a steady basis.  I’ve been starting to leverage two other sites I own with advertisers as well.

The Bad

Adventurous Kate still has a Page Rank of zero.  This is the key to many forms of advertising, and I’m getting anxious to actually have a decent rank.  I need to continue to work on link building, so please let me know if you’d like to exchange links.

The site has few Facebook fans.  I did increase them substantially, however, by this week’s giveaway (have you entered yet?), which is only open to Facebook fans.  I LOVE the interaction on Facebook and would love to see more fans there.

The site went dead in early July due to problems with plugin overload.  I never found out which plugin caused the headaches, but I removed several of them.  I’m considering switching hosts.  This might help the site load time.

Six-Month Statistics

Here are the top five most popular posts:

Top 5 search queries:

  • adventurous kate
  • boston fireworks time
  • celebrity hangouts in las vegas
  • pops goes the fourth
  • travel blog stories

Top 5 cities for visitors:

  • Boston (including Cambridge, Brookline and Somerville)
  • New York (including Brooklyn)
  • London
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle

What’s next for Kate and the site?

As I alluded to in my 26th birthday post…MUCH travel.  Many adventures.  Posts from exotic locations.

And I can’t reveal a word of it yet for many reasons.  Trust me — I will reveal it to you the moment it’s prudent for me to do so, and it’s going to be AMAZING.

What I can promise you is that I adore this site and I relish every moment that I get to spend working on it.  I’m not going away anytime soon!

Beyond that…you tell me!

What works on this site?  What doesn’t work? Please let me know — privately or publicly — what you’d like to see.

Thank you all for being so thoughtful in your contributions to this site.  I’m so glad that you, my fellow travel bloggers and travel tweeters, have become part of my life.

Adventurous Kate contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. These commissions help reduce the ever-increasing costs of keeping this site active. Thanks for reading!


17 Responses to “Happy Six-Month Anniversary, Adventurous Kate!”
  1. Teresa says:

    I think considering the infancy of the blog, I think you’re on a good start! What works: Your theme is clean, your articles and relative and friendly and you have consistency. Readers will love and appreciate this!

    I’ve been through the bad’s you mentioned. Mike is a lot better with the framework stuff; so I give you major props for handling it on your own. I need a wordpress camp or something to really master what I sort of know.

    But, I am a huge fan of the site and like all of us in the travel blog community, we’re all here to support each other. (Enter Full House music)

    Excited to see your full year post on this! Makes me realize AOB is gonna be 2… holy moly.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Teresa! I’m actually thinking of moving to Thesis like you guys and getting a custom theme — but I’m a bit put off by the cost at the moment, since I’m sacking tons of cash away for travel right now. Hmmm.

      And I love that about the travel blog community — it’s not a competition. It’s all about sharing the LOVE!

      • Teresa says:

        Do it! Thesis is amazing. I want to use it with my personal blog at some point. It’s worth the ugly penny, but I totally understand. I’m doing the same 🙂

  2. Wayward Jess says:

    Congrats girl. You are a huge inspiration. It’s amazing how far you’ve come in 6 months! Here’s to many more years of Adventurous Kate.

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! the six month mark is a great achievement. As We Travel turned six months two weeks ago, and it’s so much fun looking back realizing how far you’ve really gone.
    Be proud of what a great website you have built!!
    Hurray for today and many more months to come!

  4. Steph says:

    Wow! I thought you’d been around quite a bit longer then that- well done! I always enjoy your posts and your lovely attitude and I can’t wait to read more…. and maybe meet in person one of these days!

  5. Andi says:

    Happy Anniversary darling!!! Keep up the awesome work.

  6. Team SHABL says:

    Very cool update, how did I just find this now? Just celebrated my 11th month, it keeps getting better. Do not worry about rank for advertisers, they just pay for like a meal or two a month and you risk losing it all because they are just tryign tos uck the juice from your site for their own benefit at a really cheap cost. Once one gets “caught up” everyone involved gets slapped, I’ve been around a long time on these here webs.

    Just keep blogging and traveling and look for “better” stuff like a sponsorship for this or that which would pay a full year or more of those tacky ads everyone who “sold out” has on their site.

    Traffic is rising which is important and hey, if you updated more it would explode, I reckon.

    Cool site, I’ll be back!

    • If I updated more often, *I* would explode!!

      Believe me, four to five quality posts each week — no “photo of the week” cop-outs — in between working 11-hour days is plenty!

      Does your site name come from the Shamwow commercial? “Stop having a boring tuna, stop having a boring life.”

      • Team SHABL says:

        it sure does and yes lots of cop outs but they seem to work. I am finding that most real travelers do not read these blogs, its a different type of person, for now at least.

  7. Amanda says:

    Congrats, Kate! It looks like you’ve come a long way in just 6 months! If I can be even half as successful as it seems you’ve been, I’ll be happy.

    Here’s to the next 6 months!

  8. Earl Squirrelson says:

    Hi Kate, just found your website, looks pretty awsome so far!! Congrats on the 6 month anniversary! Cant wait to hear about your next trip. I myself am hitting the road again next year, should be awsome!!

  9. Norbert says:

    Happy belated 6 months! Congrats on the success of your blog. It must be a good feeling to see how it grows.

    Right now I’m a bit over 4 months… so, let’s see how mine looks at its 6 months. Jesus, I sound like I’m “growing” a baby. lol

    Keep up the good work!!

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