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Have You Traveled Somewhere Because of This Site? Let Me Know!


Hi, all —

Again, I apologize for my lapse in posting.  Travel Bloggers Unite in Innsbruck was an amazing, fulfilling, lucrative, debaucherous, fun-filled experience that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon, and I didn’t have one spare minute to write.  I didn’t sleep more than four hours any night.  It was insane.

Anyway, now I’m in Liechtenstein and I’m freaking out at my idiocy of planning a conference and four press trips back to back without including any downtime whatsoever.  I’m going to crash.

In other news, we talked a lot about media kits at TBU.  My advertising page is already a pretty good example, but I want to turn it into a PDF and add a lot more to it.

Including your travel experiences.

It’s easy to quantify numbers, but quality influence is more difficult to measure.  PR firms, in particular, want to work with travel bloggers who have influence on their readers.  So I’m turning to you for some qualitative information.

If I have influenced you to travel, to travel solo, or to visit a certain destination, I want to hear about it.

I want to include brief emails from readers saying that they’ve traveled somewhere because of this site.

A great example is an email I received from a reader once:

I always read your blogs and the other day, I was reading it in front of my mom and I said out loud I wish I could be a solo traveler like you and she looked at me and said why can’t I? I had no response and she said that I can do whatever I want to do. So I took her advice and I am planning my first trip to Spain. I am so excited and nervous because I have never traveled by myself but I know that once I get there I will meet a lot of people. You should be so proud of yourself because I’m sure I am not the only you have inspired.

But you could be more concise than that, too.  Here’s an example I made up:

I never wanted to go to Koh Lanta, Thailand, but after reading Kate’s posts about how much she loved it, I went and stayed for a whole week!  It was my favorite island in Thailand.

Or something like this:

I went on the Hanoi Backpackers Hostel Halong Bay Party Cruise after reading Kate’s post.  It was just as great as she said and the best party in Vietnam!

As for identifying details, I will probably include your first name, age and nationality.  For travel bloggers, I’ll include your full names and sites.

You can just comment on this post or email me.  You could even just type a few words and we’ll figure something out together.

Thank you all for helping.  More on this soon!

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20 Responses to “Have You Traveled Somewhere Because of This Site? Let Me Know!”
  1. Julie says:

    Although it sounds like I’m just copying the example… this is in fact true:

    I am leaving on a solo travel trip to Asia (Korea, China, SE Asia) in October. I have few planned destinations along the way, but after reading the post on Koh Lanta, Thailand, it’s made it onto my list of must-go spots.

    Julie Robertson
    Age 25
    Travel Blog: (it’s new!)

  2. Becci says:

    Reading your posts actually made me decide on SE asia as a destination to explore for a few months via my way home from Africa in March. I never really thought about it until your posts on Vang Vieng! Now I’m like she had so much fun, my turn now!
    Thanks for the inspiration and reassuring me in regards to being a female solo traveller 🙂

    Age 17
    New Zealand

    • Becci, I’m so happy to hear I’ve inspired you, but PLEASE BE CAREFUL — being just 17 in a party town like Vang Vieng can be dangerous because you probably don’t know your drinking limits yet, and fellow partiers often take advantage of much-younger female backpackers. I’m not saying not to do it, but PLEASE be careful. I was careful in Vang Vieng. Not everyone I know was.

  3. Kerry says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I’ve absolutely loved it. You’ve done an amazing job! After reading about all your adventures and living vicariously through your posts, I got up the courage and applied to a study abroad program called Semester at Sea for this past summer. My trip ended a few weeks ago and it was absolutely amazing! I am even planning to study abroad again later this year in England. Thank you so much for the inspiration, and keep up the good work! 🙂


    Age 20

    United States

    • Leah says:


      I did Semester at Sea in the Fall of 2007 and I can’t say enough positive things about it. It forever altered my perception of the world and my place within it, houses hundreds of my favorite memories, and continues to inspire my travels today.

      I’d love to chat with you more about it and give you lots of pointers, but I don’t know if it’s appropriate since this is Kate’s blog after all.

      In any case, just live every moment completely.



  4. I haven’t gotten to plan the trip yet, but thanks to your posts, Thailand is on my to-do list! I might be getting a chance to go in November, and if so I will definitely be referring to your archive of sights! We’ll see!

  5. Lauren says:


    I actually came across your blog when my fiance sent me the link to your Firing My First Gun in Cu Chi story. He wants to go to Vietnam and do that while we are on our 3 month honeymoon!


  6. Katie says:

    Just got back from a backpack trip to Thailand. The initial plan to go to Asia was set in motion by a friend living abroad but around that time I had discovered your blog as well as other travel blogs. I became obsessed with going to Thailand and read everything you posted about SE Asia. Your blogging definitely helped shape our trip (oh and ping pong show description reread after attending one- dead on, I was laughing out loud). A highlight of the trip was meeting others backpacking around!!

    Working on more travel plans right now but it’s a little more secret as I’m still gainfully employed 🙂

    Boston, USA

  7. bex says:

    Well…sort of! My girlfriends and I *LOVE* to travel, but this year has been particularly tight for all of us (moving, weddings, etc.) so for one friend’s birthday we opted out of a crazy weekend in Vegas or a quick trip down to our favorite spot (NOLA) and hit up the rooftop pool at the Colonnade Hotel in our hometown of Boston instead. We followed many of your suggestions (sat in the back, snagged some firefly and lemonade, and indulged in the bruscetta and Pizzeria Regina) and by the end of the day dubbed the Colonnade Pool one of our favorite spots ever. My friend said it was her best birthday in a very long time — can’t beat that!

    ~Bex, 31, Vermont-Born Bostonian

  8. ashley says:

    I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for my birthday, since I was celebrating it in Dallas far away from home. It was right around the time you did the San Antonio posts, and after your third post on the city, i HAD to go. I printed out your blog posts on it and took the 5.5 hour drive down and loved every minute of it.

    Age 22
    Hartford CT

  9. Alycia says:

    Hi Kate!
    I am leaving on Wednesday for an extended trip to Thailand to teach, write, travel, and have an awesome time. I have been following your blog for a while now, and I actually emailed you a few months ago with some questions and you gave me some great responses and tips! So thanks for that girl! I aspire to write and be a solo traveler like you. You are the!! Your posts about Ko Chang, Thailand and the sunken boat ride in Indonesia are amazing (and scary) experiences I hope to have a chance to write about! Thanks for the inspiration and keep it coming!

    Alycia Angle
    Age 24

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