Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Berlin: The Perfect City for Digital Nomad Bloggers

If any city is ideally suited for digital nomad travel bloggers living in Europe, it’s Berlin.  It’s one of the most popular enclaves for travel blogger expats, and there are plenty of reasons for that.  To start?

It’s got an entrepreneurial spirit.  Berlin has become the center for entrepreneurship in Europe — from creative businesses to tech start-ups.  With so many entrepreneurs in town, there are always events going on geared toward networking and sharing some of the excitement that grows from building a business from scratch.

It’s affordable.  Berlin is an extraordinarily affordable city considering the value that you get, especially compared to cities like London and Paris.  One reason is that there is much more housing than there are people, and the city has quite a sprawl, so rents are kept low.

In Berlin, you can live in Western Europe on Eastern European prices.

It’s hip.  Berlin is the cutting-edge cultural capital of Europe, and from subway dance parties to avant-garde eateries, the Berlin creativity permeates every aspect of life and art.

One of my friends living in Berlin went to a 90s dance party at a club the other night.  There’s nothing unusual about that — but because it was Berlin, 90s one-hit wonder Haddaway actually came out and performed “What is Love!” to a screaming crowd.  That’s the kind of city we’re talking about.

Visas are relatively easy to get.  Getting a long-term Schengen Area visa is one of the most difficult aspects of non-Europeans settling in Europe, but getting this elusive visa is much easier in Germany than in neighboring countries.

Many expats living in Berlin go for the “artist visa” which allows them to do solely freelance work without committing to a full-time job and sponsor.  It does require some work and advance planning, but it’s definitely doable.

You don’t have to move here to enjoy it!  Berlin isn’t just for expats — there’s plenty to offer visitors as well.  Whether you book affordable Berlin hotels for a weekend getaway or spend a week or so in the city, you’ll never get tired of things to do.

So will I actually move to Berlin at some point?  It’s certainly possible.  As fun as it is to be a professional travel blogger living in London, living in Berlin would crank it up to 11.  Let’s see what the next few years hold!

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