Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Christmas in the UK — The Top Contenders

This year, I’m going to be spending my second Christmas abroad — and my first Christmas in the UK!

It will probably be a low-key event for me this year.  I’ll still be in London, ensconced in my apartment, probably cooking a lot and watching my fair share of DVDs.

If I did have the chance, though, I’d love to spent Christmas somewhere special and different.  So, if you’re planning to be in the UK for Christmas, where should you go?  Go wherever you can find best hotel deals for the Christmas holidays, of course.  Here are a few cozy places to start:

Scottish Highlands

A highland Christmas would be incredibly beautiful and romantic!  While the UK as a whole doesn’t get snow on the level that I’m used to at home in Massachusetts, the Scottish Highlands are one place where you are guaranteed significant snow.

I’d love to spend Christmas in a castle in the heart of the highlands, not far from Inverness or Loch Ness.  Imagine having a big Christmas party with a group of friends, everyone dressed in tartan, sipping wine, and dancing to a Scottish ceilidh all night long.  Now, that sounds Christmasy!

English Countryside

The English countryside doesn’t get as much attention as its cities, but it should!  With destinations like Cheshire, the Lake District, and the southern reaches of Cornwall and Devon, you have plenty of places to have a relaxed Christmas away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

My personal pick?  The Cotswolds.  The Cotswolds aren’t too far from London, but they might as well be a world away, with their tiny gingerbread houses and country lanes.  For the Christmas holidays, you could imagine the streets filled with avid carolers, bringing spiced cider along the way.


Ah, Christmas in London.  There’s no better urban escape during the holidays than London, where you can do all of your pre- and post-Christmas shopping — Borough Market for foodies, Camden for indie fashionistas, and Knightsbridge for someone with very, VERY expensive taste.

So, where to stay?  The best luxury hotels in UK are found in London, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.  I recommend staying as central as possible so you can stroll wherever your heart pleases — down to Westminster to Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and London Bridge; or over to Kensington Gardens and St. James Park to enjoy a little bit of nature in the heart of a big city.

Where would YOU celebrate Christmas in the UK?

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