Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Dating As an Active Traveler

A bit of rough

I have done a LOT of online dating in my time.  When I was living in Boston, online dating was one of the best ways to meet people.  I didn’t take it too seriously.  I’d meet a guy, go out for a drink or a meal, have some good conversation, and, most likely, no sparks whatsoever.

That was okay, though.  That was all I was looking for — a bit of conversation and entertainment.

When I was seriously looking for someone to date, however, I couldn’t hide my love of travel.  I needed a partner who not only would put up with my constant travel, both solo and otherwise, but who would be as eager to make active adventures a part of his life.  In short, I was searching for a fellow travel-lover.

I’ve found that people who love travel are the same kind of people who jump at taking an active adventure — whether it’s ziplining through a nearby forest or simply just taking a hike in a beautiful area.  These are great kinds of dates for weeding out the less adventurous and finding someone who you can click with personality-wise, as you’re not going to be sitting in silence like you would be at a movie!

It helps that my former hometown is a city that lends itself to active people dating.  It’s easy to plan a fun and active date, like boating on the Charles or taking a wild ride on the Codzilla boat.  Dating in Vancouver is similar — for people who love being outdoors, there are few better environments for finding an equally active partner, and people in Vancouver love sporty dates!

Convention Centre

For a great date in Vancouver itself, I would recommend going kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding in English Bay, then hitting up a fabulous Chinese restaurant for dinner.  If this type of activity scares your date off, chances are he or she is not the right person for you in the long run.

After a few months, if the relationship is progressing nicely, why not take a trip away together?  Whether you want to go skiing in Whistler in January or hitting the waves in Tofino in July, there are plenty of short trips away that combine your love of travel with the many delightful outdoor activities of British Columbia.

For more people to date in Canada, be sure to visit the eHarmony Canada dating website.  You never know — the love of your life could be right around the corner!

photos by: kennymatic & mybulldog
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