Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Extreme Jeep Overlanding Adventures

I’m not exactly a hardcore overlander.  Sure, I managed to spend four months backpacking without leaving the ground in Southeast Asia.  But taking crazy overnight trains and buses with half-reclining bed-seats and overstuffed vans in Laos where there’s no room for your right  butt cheek.

What I really need to do is go hardcore overlanding like my friends who have ridden Jeeps through gnarly terrain in deserts, swamps, jungles, and beyond, on every continent on the planet.  Maybe I’ll be able to make that happen this year.

Here are the places I would most like to see by overlanding:


It’s one of the least forgiving landscapes on the planet, and it’s hard to get around if you’re straying away from the cities.  If you’re heading to the Australian Outback, or even places in rural Queensland like Cape Tribulation and Fraser Island, you need to be able to drive over anything.

As for dealing with snakes, crocs and wallabees, you’re on your own!  (I’ll just cuddle with a koala.)


Of all the countries I’d like to visit in Southern Africa, I think Botswana would be one of the countries best to visit by overlanding in a jeep.  Botswana is home to Chobe National Park, which is filled with the world’s largest concentration of elephants, and the Okavango Delta, which is home to hippos and lots more wildlife.

With crazy terrain like that, it’s best to go big — you don’t want to drive a tiny little car in Botswana!  Botswana is also more developed than the surrounding countries, so if your jeep breaks down, you can easily find Jeep parts and get skilled workers to help get you back on the road.

New Zealand

There are two things that people always say about New Zealand: first, that it’s the most beautiful country in the world, and second, that you have to get around on your own.  There are plenty of bus companies in New Zealand, but buses miss so many of the good spots.  That and the fact that you can’t stop to snap pictures every time you see a fantastic view.

The solution?  Overlanding in a jeep or all-terrain vehicle.  You’ll have the freedom to come and go as you please, plus you’ll be able to cover more challenging terrain like the mountains and national parks on the South Island.

No matter where you overland in a Jeep, always remember to make sure the Jeep has the proper parts and accessories needed to navigate the tough terrains that lie ahead.  Online retailers like Extreme Terrain can make sure your Jeep is fully equipped with the off-road parts and accessories that are needed to keep you and your vehicle safe when on an overland adventure. Don’t be turned away if you live outside the US… they can ship international when needed.

Have you ever hardcore overlanded?

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