Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Las Vegas Nostalgia

Vegas Skyline

Las Vegas is home to so many beautiful memories for me and my friends. But at times, it seems like it ended all too fast.

By the time we went on our most recent trip, we had been making a habit of going to Las Vegas once every six months — once in June and once in January. (I much preferred June — not only was the weather better and much warmer, it was also when the most pool parties were on.

Groups of women are the people who hold all the cards when it comes to Las Vegas nightlife. We didn’t have to pay a single cover charge at a single club. Drinks? Paid for, for the most part. Promoters would always give us free drink tickets, and especially in clubs like Tryst and XS, random groups of guys would invite us to share our table as they shared their bottle service and tequila shots with us.

But then it ended. I have no idea what suddenly cut it off.

Before long, I was saving up to travel the world; my friends were getting into serious relationships. Early twenties turned into mid-twenties. My friends got into relationships; I started traveling the world.

Then the late twenties hit — and it became a waterfall of engagements, weddings, now even babies. Age 30 is looming around the corner.

Will we ever go back? Possibly. There’s a chance we could book a jet charter Las Vegas, pile on the plane, and jump straight into a limo upon arrival, enjoying a bottle of champagne as we drive down the Strip, go back to the Palazzo and head straight out to the clubs…

But no. As far as nightlife goes, we have all gone into another phase in our lives. This time will be less about making out with random guys on the dance floor (and averting eye contact when we run into them the next day) and more about lounging by the pool, going to the shows, eating at nice restaurants, maybe hitting up the craps table if we’re feeling particularly daring.

That’s an entirely new kind of Las Vegas. It makes me a bit sad, but I’ll always treasure the memories from our early years.

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