Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Unusual Beach Honeymoon Destinations

Where’s the best destination for a honeymoon?  Hawaii?  The Caribbean?  Maybe for most, but I’m a contrarian by nature, eager to ignore the most popular destinations.  In my opinion, the best honeymoon destinations are off the beaten path.

I have a lot of friends who have done unusual and unique honeymoons over the years — Newfoundland, Japan, Madagascar.  I recently met a couple that honeymooned in the Shetland Islands!  I love Shetland and it’s a gorgeous place, but I’d never think of it as a honeymoon destination!

Truth be told, I can’t imagine a honeymoon without heat, sun, and beaches — but that doesn’t mean you need to go where everyone else goes.  Here are some unusual beach honeymoon destinations that you likely haven’t considered:


Image: Erazo-Fischer

Mozambique is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa.  Mozambique gets a lot of tourists from South Africa, but it’s pretty off the radar of everyone else.  Mozambique’s beaches and islands are home to fine white sand disappearing into the blue of the Indian Ocean.  Delicious seafood, Portuguese influences, and kind locals are more of the things you’ll find in Mozambique.

Where to go: the Bazaruto Archipelago.  This is where you’ll find gorgeous white sand islands and some of the most colorful snorkeling in the world, with tons of marine life.


Image: Ana_Cotta

Brazil is another country that is absolutely brimming with gorgeous beaches, but isn’t as famous with visitors outside of South America.  Brazil has them in spades — why else do you think the Brazilian bikini was invented? — and you can find everything from urban beaches in Rio to party resorts like Buzios to beaches frequented by locals only.  There are too many beaches to count.

Where to go: Fernando de Noronha.  This archipelago is far from the mainland, adrift in the Atlantic Ocean, and it’s a veritable paradise of beaches and rock formations.  There’s no more beautiful spot in the world for a honeymoon.


Image: bingbing

While everyone heading for Southeast Asian honeymoons seems to head for Thailand or Bali, why not head to the Philippines?  While there are plenty of tourists, particularly from other Asian countries, the Philippines have so many islands and beaches off the coasts — both touristed and untouristed.  In fact, The Beach was originally set in the Philippines — not Thailand!

Where to go: Palawan.  This is the ideal island to feel like a castaway on a private island — limestone caves, hidden lagoons, secret beaches all to yourselves.  What more could honeymooners want?

Know of any other offbeat beach honeymoon destinations?  Share away!

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