Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Where to take a Spa Break in the UK

I absolutely adore spas and hot springs.  Some of my favorite travel memories come from the spa — like the hammam in Istanbul where I found out we all had to be naked, then got smacked in the face by a certain part of the body that shall remain nameless.

Most of the spas that I’ve enjoyed have been in a desert environment — like the Ma’in Hot Springs in Jordan, which are several hundred meters below sea level, not far from the Dead Sea; and Truth of Consequences, New Mexico, where old hippies go to soak in tubs with a backdrop of purple mountains.

I’ve been spending half my time in the UK for the past year, but I haven’t taken spa breaks in the UK yet.  If I do, here’s where I’d like to go:

Lake District

I’m currently based in Chester, a city in northwest England, and the Lake District is where everyone from around here goes to get away.  In this region, you have absolutely stunning scenery, little traditional villages, and technically only one lake (the rest are “bodies of water”).

The Lake District is a place where time grinds to a halt, which is what makes it a great destination for spa getaways.  Spend a few days getting massages, body wraps, and spending time enjoying the villages of Cumbria, and you’ll feel like you’ve aged in reverse, Benjamin Button-style.


Cornwall has been the region of England that I’ve wanted to visit the most since moving here.  Cornwell is that little hook that extends off Britain’s southwest.  Here you’ll find absolutely gorgeous countryside, with wild green hills, tall cliffs, and dramatic beaches.  Cornwall also gets the most sunshine of anywhere in the UK.

I can’t think of a better place to enjoy an outdoors-centric spa break than Cornwall.  I’d love to spend the morning hiking, then the afternoon soaking my sore muscles in a mineral tub, looking over the edge of a cliff at all the surfers along the beach.


And, of course, we have to include London in this list!  London’s strength is that it’s an extremely posh AND extremely global city, so you have high end spas with inspiration from all over the world.

Want to go to a Turkish hammam in London?  You absolutely can.  A more Moroccan-style hammam?  Absolutely.  Or something completely different — a Japanese onsen?  You bet!  With so many spas and massage offers in London, the only limits are confined to your imagination.

Where would YOU like to take a spa break in the UK?

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