Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Why the English Need Travel Insurance

For the past year, I’ve been living in the UK — first in Chester, and today, I made my official move to London.  In this time, I’ve gotten to know the English quite well on their own soil, which dovetails nicely with the English I’ve met abroad.  One thing’s for sure: whether in their own country or around the world, the English love to push their limits.

And let me tell you, English travelers have done some crazy things around.  Here are some of them:

My good English friend dislocated his sternum in Vang Vieng, Laos.  Yes, his actual sternum.  That’s pretty damn rare.  So rare that he got sent from the doctor in Vang Vieng to Chiang Mai, Thailand, followed by Bangkok, who told him that nothing could be done.  Good thing he had travel insurance to pay for all those visits

One English guy I know fell in the canal in Chester, England.  People do everything to avoid falling in the canal, but a few beers in, he fell in.  Luckily, my friend escape the incident unscathed and without growing an eleventh toe.

Another English friend of mine was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when he got mugged at knifepoint.  And he had a bad time of it — all of his credit cards were stolen.  Had he not had travel insurance, he would have had to fly straight back to the UK, but he was able to keep going.

In short?  Travel insurance for English residents is beyond essential.  Travel insurance will save you in so many ways when you need it.

Some of those ways?

Get your money back.  If you get robbed, you’re pretty much out of luck without travel insurance.  If you do have insurance, you’ll be able to recoup some of those losses.

Get medical treatment.  Hospital visits, medications, and doctor’s appointments can add up abroad.  With travel insurance, your medical costs are reduced significantly or eliminated altogether.

Worst-case scenarios.  Although it’s terrible to think about, in the event of your death, you don’t want your parents to pay tens of thousands of pounds to have your body returned to England.  With travel insurance, you can get a policy that covers awful predicaments like these.

If you’re an English daredevil, don’t think you can go without insurance — it could save your life and your travels!

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