Saturday, May 27th, 2017

Photo Essay: Seafood in Mui Ne, Vietnam


One of the great pleasures of visiting any coastal destination is indulging in piles of fresh seafood.

And Mui Ne has plenty of seafood, served from open-air restaurants and incredibly delicious!

On our first night in Mui Ne, we stopped to look at a tank of red snapper.  Ste quickly noticed that one of the fish was being aggressive to the others.

He couldn’t resist.

“I WANT MY BULLY FISH!  I want the one beating up the dumb-looking ones!  That’s my bully fish!”

Ste was so excited to eat that fish.  He even got to fish it out of the tank!

(He also tried to serve Darren one of the dumb-looking ones.)

We started with some scallops.  As you can see, they were so delicious, they were half gone before I could even take a picture!

Mussels were next. As you can see, most seafood in Mui Ne is served with a sauce of salt, pepper and lemon juice.  The sauce is popular in Cambodia as well.  Personally, I’m addicted to the stuff!

Look at those gorgeous king prawns. They were enormous — and just moments before being served, they were thrashing wildly in the tank!

I am crazy about oysters — I can tell you everywhere in Boston that serves dollar oysters at which times, and whenever I want to have a really special dinner, I go to Neptune Oyster for some buttered popcorn-scented Katama Bays.

These, though, were a whole new beast.  Giant Vietnam oysters — some of the biggest I’ve ever seen — served with wasabi. Though they were even better with the salt-pepper-lemon sauce.

And yes, Ste got his bully fish.



12 Responses to “Photo Essay: Seafood in Mui Ne, Vietnam”
  1. Amanda says:

    You know, I’m not even really a huge seafood fan. But this post kind of makes me want to become one! All of those dishes look delicious!

    And I cracked up over the “bully fish.”

  2. Goodness but those pics are tantalizing! I adore seafood, and raw oysters? My bar-none favorite. I can’t WAIT to get there (204 days and counting…)

  3. Serena says:

    Hey, now i NEED to have some sea food for dinner, but in Milan is impossible to find something gorgeous like this! what can i do? 🙂
    have a nice week end!

  4. Randy says:

    Hey, where is my…crabs? All of seafoods at MuiNe are delecious and…super cheap. I even packed fish-sauce bottles back to Canada, smelly byt tasty and…good!

  5. melvin says:

    i’m going to vietnam next month and i cant wait to try their fresh seafood.

  6. Delores Lyon says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Wow, the food looks absolutely amazing. There is nothing quite like a good plate of fresh seafood, especially when you know that it’s quality food. Unfortunately, I’m not in Vietnam, so I have to settle for finding a place where I live. However, I’m pretty close to a beach, so I should be able to find a place that serves fresh seafood.

  7. ceza says:

    Hi,how much was the total bill if you dont mind me asking? 🙂

  8. Mui Ne Vietnam says:

    Hi Kate,

    It’s Binh again. Look like I will be your follower on these travel topics.

    I saw Mui Ne on some movies and I really had a dream to go there. Thanks for sharing the photos. I’ve heard that seafood there is cheapest in Vietnam.

    Once, I’ve had a slight chance to visit Mui Ne back in 2012. When I was just 20km away, there was a big storm coming in so… I had to return to HCM city.

    Please be sure to post a post about Mui Ne again if you revisit it. I will be waiting.



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