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Adventurous Kate: The Solo Female Travel Blog is the leading blog geared toward female independent travelers.

Since Kate McCulley started Adventurous Kate in early 2010, it has since become one of the best examples of easy, safe, and adventurous solo travel for women, while retaining its trademark self-deprecating humor and fun-loving voice.

Few travel niches are growing faster than solo female travel, as voices like Kate’s show women how easy, safe, and fun it can be to travel the world alone.

Please click here for the full Adventurous Kate Media Kit.

Audience Profile and Demographics

Adventurous Kate is targeted toward female travelers, solo travelers, and adventure travelers with the goal of inspiring women to travel more often, more easily, and more adventurously.

The demographics reflect this: visitors to tend to be female, highly educated, age 25-34, primarily from the United States and United Kingdom, and mostly without children.

Adventurous Kate also also attracts male and female readers of all ages researching world travel. Dominant countries are the United States (39%) and the United Kingdom (13%), followed by Canada (6%) and Australia (6%).

Traffic Statistics

  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 90,000+
  • Monthly Visits: 100,000+
  • Monthly Pageviews: 250,000+
  • RSS Subscribers: 3,700+
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 2,200+
  • Newsletter Open Rate: 52%

Social Media Statistics

  • Twitter followers: 22,000+
  • Facebook fans: 16,000+
  • YouTube Subscribers: 200+
  • YouTube Views: 100,000+
  • Instagram Followers: 3,500+
  • Klout Score: 71

Independent Site Statistics

  • Alexa Rank: 46,241
  • Alexa Rank, USA: 31,729
  • Alexa Rank, UK: 13,222
  • Google Page Rank: 4

Campaigns, Partnerships, and Press Trips

Kate prefers custom trips designed for her audience: budget adventure travel trips with time for independent discovery.

A campaign, or a themed travel series on, is an excellent way to promote your destination to our audience of highly educated and adventure-loving female travelers, and many tourism boards and companies take advantage of this opportunity.

Most Recent Campaigns

Other Trips and Activities

In addition to these campaigns, Kate reviews travel activities and lodging around the world, including but not limited to adventure activities, classes and lessons and interesting and unusual lodging.


Kate seeks out partnerships with companies that reflect her values: companies that make it easier for women to travel safely, frequently, and adventurously; companies that prioritize travel for all people; companies that don’t dumb down travel for women; companies that demonstrate commitment to sustainable travel.

Sponsorships can take many forms — on a one-off basis, a campaign basis, or a long-term basis.  Sponsorships may include branded content posts; banner advertising; chats, contests, and other tie-ins; social media features; brand ambassadorship; and/or representing the company at events around the globe.

Whether you work for a travel company or a company only tangentially related to travel, if you fulfill the above requirements, chances are we could work very well together. Please use the contact form below for more details.

Media Appearances

Kate is available for interviews, TV appearances, speaking engagements, focusing on topics of travel, lifestyle design, and blogging.  She has appeared in publications including the Times of Malta, The Boston Globe, and on NPR’s Talk of the Nation.  To book her, please contact her at the email below.


Advertising on takes three forms:

Branded content posts, meaning blog posts that promote products or services.

Banner and video ads, either on selected pages or throughout the site.

Social media promotion on a variety of social networks, including the newsletter.

Posts that contain branded content clearly disclose this fact.

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