Saturday, May 27th, 2017

Ask Kate: What’s On Your Makeup Packing List?

This edition of Ask Kate is about how to look good on the road without packing your entire bathroom cabinet. Hi Kate! I have a question for your Ask Kate series: as a woman constantly on the road, how do you maintain some sort of beauty routine? What are your beauty must-haves on the road? […]

Haircuts Around the World

Shortly after arriving in Florence for my semester abroad, I met a guy wearing a gold belt buckle shaped like a lion’s head, a pair of boot-cut jeans tight enough to cut off circulation on top, a shirt unbuttoned almost to his navel, and the trendiest near-mullet I’ve ever seen. And he was American. This […]

Facing My Phobia at the Fish Spa in Bangkok

I have a few random phobias, and a few of them are about animals.  One is birds, especially pigeons — touching them, them landing on my head, poop landing on me from the sky.  But my biggest phobia of all is my fear of fish. Growing up, we would spend our summers camping on a […]

Tips for Traveling With Curly Hair

Having wild, curly hair is a double-edged sword.  Yes, there are occasions when it looks amazing — but most of the time, it’s out of control with a mind of its own! If you have wavy, curly or otherwise uncontrollable hair, you’ve likely got styling it down to a science: perfect products, tools and humidity […]