Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

The UNESCO Hunt: 82-91

It’s been a summer of European travel, and for that reason, it’s been a summer of UNESCO World Heritage Sites! If you’re interested in World Heritage Sites, there’s no better place than Europe, as it has the greatest concentration of sites. This summer took me to new countries like Finland, new regions like Puglia, and […]

A Place Like Zadar

There’s a place in Croatia that I love even more than the old city of Dubrovnik, the saltwater lakes of Mljet, the architecture of Korčula, the colors of Rovinj, the beaches of Pučišća, and the waterfalls at Krka. My favorite place in Croatia is Zadar, a small city on the Dalmatian coast. I first visited this […]

Meet Pučišća: The Most Beautiful Village in Croatia

If I had only known that as we sailed into Pučišća on the island of Brač in Croatia, that we would be seeing the single most beautiful village I had ever seen, I would have taken time to savor it. IF ONLY I HAD KNOWN! Pučišca was an all-too-brief stop on our trip between Omiš […]

Korčula: In the Land of Marco Polo

One of my most delightful surprises of the Dalmatian Coast was lovely Korčula — the home of Marco Polo. Korčula?  But I thought Marco Polo was from Venice! True.  Marco Polo was born in the thirteenth century, back when Venice was a Republic spanning from the canal-filled city to what is now Turkey.  No one […]

Mljet: Captive in Paradise

In Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus spent ten years fighting in the Trojan War, then took the LONG way home — another ten years of sailing back to Ithaca and getting into many mishaps along the way. Seven of those years were spent on the island of Ogygia in the arms of the nymph Calypso.  As […]

Where Are All the Hvar Celebrities?

Long before arriving on the island of Hvar, Croatia, I had one thing in mind: BLUE IVY SIGHTING. Beyonce and Jay-Z are big fans of Hvar and vacation here each year on their private yacht.  Last summer, Beyonce even found a tree covered with blue ivy — months before Blue Ivy herself arrived. I’ve mentioned […]

Busabout Croatia Sail: THE. MOST. FUN. EVER.

When it came time to take my first vacation in the last two years, I wanted to do something I’ve dreamed of for years — sailing the islands off the coast of Croatia. Dave and I joined up with my frequent and much-loved partner Busabout on their One-Way Croatia Sail. And the result? THIS. TRIP. […]

Zadar and Split: A Tale of Two Cities

Croatia is world-renowned for its gorgeous coastline, islands, and beaches of Upper Dalmatia.  Less famous?  The urban gateways to these islands: the cities of Zadar and Split. Dave and I decided to visit both cities in one day after driving down from the Plitivice Lakes. In turn, we discovered two mid-sized cities that we liked […]