Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Small Towns in Europe That I Love

Let me tell you something: it’s easy to go to Europe and see nothing but cities.  For years, that was my modus operandi — to hit up the major cities and ignore small towns along the way.  It’s the easiest and most convenient option, especially if you’re traveling by train. But in the past year, […]

Mykines: The World’s Most Unspoiled Island

The Faroe Islands are famous for their exquisite beauty and isolation.  Yet of all the islands and villages and regions, one place stands out as the most unspoiled, most unique, and perhaps even the most beautiful. That place is a little island called Mykines. Mykines (pronounced MEE-chin-ness) is the westernmost point in the Faroe Islands, […]

Haute Faroese Cuisine

It’s not very often that I get to experience the best restaurant in a country — but in the Faroe Islands, I got to do just that. KOKS is the restaurant at the excellent Hotel Foroyar, famous for hosting Bill Clinton a few years ago.  (It’s also not very often that I get to stay […]

What It Means To Be Faroese

“I am not Danish.  I am Faroese.”  Oddmar’s eyes grow serious as I tentatively bring up the notion of Faroese independence.  “I have my own genes, I have my own history, I have my own language. “I am a Faroese,” he repeats, softer this time, though no less intense.  “Not a Dane.” I’m having dinner […]

The Unfathomable Beauty of the Faroe Islands

I have been to the end of the Earth — and it is GLORIOUS. My time in the Faroe Islands was absolutely enchanting.  These are some of the most beautiful islands I HAVE EVER SEEN.  That’s not something to say casually!  I mean it. Maybe the most beautiful islands in the world aren’t filled with […]

Next Stop: the Faroe Islands!

As this post publishes, I’m on my way to the most remote place I’ve ever been: the Faroe Islands! How remote is remote? THAT remote.  Between Scotland and Iceland.  I will be flying direct from London Gatwick on Atlantic Airways.  This is the only air route not from Scandinavia; there are also ferries to Iceland […]