Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

A Frog Named Lady Gaga: Australia Day in Hanoi

Today is Australia Day — and I’d love to wish a very happy Australia Day to my beloved Australian readers. This time last year, I was in Hanoi, Vietnam, and celebrated Australia Day for the first time…in a truly unique fashion. I was staying at the excellent Hanoi Backpackers, home to one of the best […]

Haircuts Around the World

Shortly after arriving in Florence for my semester abroad, I met a guy wearing a gold belt buckle shaped like a lion’s head, a pair of boot-cut jeans tight enough to cut off circulation on top, a shirt unbuttoned almost to his navel, and the trendiest near-mullet I’ve ever seen. And he was American. This […]

Adventurous Kate’s Top 10 Adventures in Southeast Asia

You know how much I live for adventures! My six months in Asia were filled with them, and I don’t regret any of them.  I’ll be telling these stories forever. But some of the adventures were a lot better than others. Here are my top 10 adventures in Southeast Asia: Fighting Muay Thai in Koh […]

My Favorite Places in Southeast Asia

Since coming home — and even before coming home — I’ve been asked one question more than any other: “What was your favorite place?” I could never narrow it down to one! To me, my destinations are like my children — I could never say I love one more than all the others! That said, […]

What Happens When You Get Sick While Traveling?

Every time I come home from a trip to Vegas, I get sick for a few days.  I call it the Vegas Flu. Four days and four nights of partying, little sleep, far too much Red Bull, far too many free tequila shots from groups of handsome guys, and adding a major change in climate? […]

Drinking Snake Blood in Vietnam

Hanoi is well-known for its snake restaurants — restaurants that serve every body part of the snake. If you’re lucky, the snake will be a cobra; if you’re the guest of honor, you’ll be served the heart. I could not imagine a better adventure in Hanoi! Hanoi Backpackers Hostel runs trips to Snake Village most […]

Hanoi: One Absolutely Amazing City.

Show me someone who feels ambivalent about Hanoi, and I’ll show you a liar. Hanoi invokes strong feelings, and the people who visit the Vietnam capital tend to either love it to pieces or hate it bitterly. Into which category would I fall? The former.  I absolutely loved Hanoi, and it was one of my […]