Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Sh*t Travel Bloggers Say

A few weeks ago, I contributed to the “Sh*t Travel Bloggers Say” video, put together by the incredibly talented Cailin O’Neal of the Travel Yourself TV show. If you’ve seen the videos spun off by the popular “Sh*t Girls Say” video (my favorites: Sh*t Boston Girls Say, Sh*t Asian Girls Say, Sh*t Southern Gay Guys […]

Bringing More Cowbell to the UK

On most days here in England, I somehow end up quoting Family Guy or Anchorman back and forth with my English friends. It’s easy to assume that all of American pop culture translates across the pond. After all, we share a common language, for starters.  Most of the films playing at the cinema are American, Comedy Central […]

Adventurous Kate Rides a Donkey; Hilarity Does Not Ensue

When visiting the incredible site of Petra in Jordan, you MUST visit the Monastery.  It’s a bit of a hike to get to it, but so worth it. It’s just as impressive as the Petra’s most famous building, the Treasury, but its remote location keeps the crowds away. The views at the top are unforgettable, […]