Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Small Towns in Europe That I Love

Let me tell you something: it’s easy to go to Europe and see nothing but cities.  For years, that was my modus operandi — to hit up the major cities and ignore small towns along the way.  It’s the easiest and most convenient option, especially if you’re traveling by train. But in the past year, […]

Photo Essay: Roses of Istria

Here’s a brief confession: when Dave and I stepped off the plane in Pula, Croatia, I wondered briefly if I’d made a giant mistake. It was an afternoon in late May, and it was cool.  Temperatures were in the low sixties (about 17 C).  Long-sleeved t-shirt weather.  I had planned on this trip being our […]

Photo Essay: The Beauty of Rovinj

I’ve been effusive in praise for the town of Rovinj in Istria, Croatia.  While I could wax poetic about this special place for days, I’m sure you’d much rather look at the beautiful photos! Here is Rovinj in a nutshell: Entering Rovinj’s Old Town, the streets are suddenly painted in bright pastel colors.  We found […]

Pula: The Perfect Base for Exploring Istria

While all flights to Istria land in Pula, most people skip the city and head straight to the beach resorts.  Not us.  We chose to stay in Pula because we wanted to see as much of Istria as we could, and we thought that basing ourselves in the city made the most sense. We also […]

Istria: The Best Kept Secret in Croatia

One of the unexpected highlights of our three weeks in the Balkans was lovely Istria — the heart-shaped, Italian-flavored peninsula of western Croatia. Dave and I ended up here on a bit of a whim.  We were deciding whether it would be best to fly into Zagreb, Split, or somewhere else entirely — and it was […]