Friday, May 26th, 2017

Ask Kate: Should I Pay Off My Student Loans Before Traveling?

This week’s Ask Kate question is actually the same question from three different readers — because I see it all the time. If you want to travel long-term but are carrying student loans, this question is for you. Reader #1: I am seriously considering quitting my job to travel. My problem is….I have roughly $20,000 […]

Ask Kate: How Do You Divide Travel Expenses As a Couple?

This question was sent to me and other travel bloggers a few weeks ago.  I was about to post mine when another travel blogger, Audrey of That Backpacker, posted the same question on her blog.  Though I initially didn’t want to publish a question already answered by someone else, after much consideration, I’ve decided to publish […]

What Are High Value Travel Destinations?

What makes a travel destination a high value destination?  This is something that I’ve been trying to define for the past few years, and I feel like I’ve finally got it: Value is figuring out what is important to you in a destination — the things you want to experience the most, the trade-offs you […]

Ask Kate: How Do I Handle My Money While Traveling?

This week’s question is about how to handle money — and are traveler’s checks worth it? I am going to Abu Dhabi for a 10 day trip in the spring — how should I handle my money? Do I need to get travelers checks? Can I use my debit and credit cards instead? The single […]

How I Saved $13,000 For Travel In Just Seven Months

How was I able to save enough money to travel long-term?  It had very little to do with being a travel blogger.  When I started Adventurous Kate, my goal wasn’t to live off my blog (not that I would have objected to that!) — it was to run one of the world’s top travel blogs. […]

When Your Credit Cards Are Stolen While Traveling

I’ve had my credit cards stolen while traveling in the past — I was pickpocketed in Buenos Aires in 2008 — and since then, I’ve guarded my belongings almost militantly.  I lock up most of my belongings in the hostel safe.  I use a purse that zips up and hangs across my body.  I take what […]

Budgeting for Seven Months in Asia

So, how do you budget for seven months in Asia? Simple: $30 a day! I have to credit a fellow Bostonian, Lillie from Around the World L, for her excellent post: The $30 a Day Budget Secret.  While traveling through Southeast Asia, she budgeted $30 for each day: $10 for lodging, $10 for food, and […]

Travelers’ Night In — Budget Travel!

On this week’s round of Travelers’ Night In, the interactive Twitter discussion for avid travelers and travel lovers, we focused on budget travel!  As always, ten questions were asked, people responded while tagging their tweets #TNI, and learned quite a bit about some new destinations! Here are the questions for this week: Q1. How do […]