Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

A Day Trip to the North Fork of Long Island

This summer, I’ve been planning lots of special day trips and short getaways from Manhattan. One of my biggest priorities? The North Fork of Long Island. Long Island extends eastward from Brooklyn and Queens and eventually forks in two. The South Fork gets most of the hype and vacationers — it’s home to the Hamptons and beautiful […]

I Saw Hamilton and Yes, It Really Is That Great

I made a very impulsive purchase last Friday: one ticket to see Hamilton the very next day. My one-sentence review: “It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.” Hamilton is the most popular Broadway show in years — possibly even decades. It’s gone beyond Broadway to become a full-fledged cultural phenomenon. RENT premiered 20 years ago and it’s the closest […]

On Christmas in New York

The bar might have been bathed in neon turquoise light, but I still noticed Monica’s nails. Long, lovingly cared for, perfectly squared off, and resplendent in layer upon layer of cherry-red lacquer, topped with a few coats of red glitter. Christmas nails. So festive, yet not garish or obvious. Her nails weren’t made to look like mini […]

An Epic Stay at New York’s Hippest Hotel

I think I’ve ruined myself for life. Before this December, I had never stayed at a hotel in New York before. Not just in Manhattan — no hotel anywhere in or near the city. I’ve got a lot of friends and family in New York; they kindly let me crash with them as needed. But now I’ve […]

A Street Food Crawl Through Queens, New York

New York has become one of my bases over the past few years. With so many of my friends living there (as well as a sister who doesn’t mind putting me up on her couch), I’m spending more and more time in the city, and with that, looking for new and interesting things to do on my visits. […]

My 13 Best Travel Moments of 2013

In a year of travel taking me from Austria to Australia, Boston to Bangkok, Malta to Macedonia, Kyoto to Koh Lanta, the good times have been so good. To commemorate the year, I decided to do a round-up of my best travel moments of 2013. Rest assured, as good as the times rolled, it certainly wasn’t […]

New in New York: This Time Around

Every time I go to New York, I try to do a few things I haven’t done before, whether it’s checking out a new neighborhood, a new kind of food, or a major tourist attraction. On this trip, I had Mario with me — not only is New York is his favorite city, but he’s […]

Visiting the World Trade Center Memorial

I’ve wanted to pay my respects at the World Trade Center Memorial since it opened, but it has eluded me up until now.  Visiting requires booking a visitor pass in advance, and when I had tried, it had been sold out for weeks at a time. Maybe that was just because it was the summer, […]

Surviving Snowstorm Nemo in New York and Boston

I was visiting my sister in New York last week when I got an urgent call from my dad.  “You better not come back on Friday like you planned,” he said.  “We’re getting a snowstorm.  And this is going to be a BIG one.” Big was right.  Soon we would be hit by Storm Nemo, […]

Eating Through Little Italy and Chinatown with Ahoy Tours

When I got invited to join a food tour through New York’s Little Italy and Chinatown, I was excited — but a bit skeptical. Isn’t Little Italy a giant tourist trap?  I thought.  Meanwhile, if you’re looking for authenticity, shouldn’t you leave Manhattan altogether and head to the Bronx and Flushing? I was wrong.  Little […]