Saturday, May 27th, 2017

100 Years Since Titanic.  1 Year Since My Wreck.

I almost missed the date.  March 28th was the anniversary of my shipwreck off the coast of Komodo Island in Indonesia.  I wouldn’t have remembered if my shipmates hadn’t emailed me.  It was good to hear that they’re doing well these days, especially little baby Elin, who was just 10 months old when our Perama […]

Adventurous Kate Gets Shipwrecked in Indonesia

I survived a shipwreck. Saying that feels unreal – like it happened in a dream, or a really bad Lifetime movie.  Seriously, did this actually happen to me?! But it did happen, and I survived.  This is my story. The Beginning I was invited to join Perama Tours’ Hunting Komodo by Camera tour as a […]