Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Travel Safety: Always Consider the Source

“You shouldn’t go there. It’s not safe.” STOP. As soon as you announce your upcoming travels, no matter to whom, you’ll probably be hit with at least one person saying, “It’s not safe.” Whether the person is protesting the act of solo female travel — which is ridiculous — or travel to a particular destination, […]

Ask Kate: Is This Trip a Bad Idea?

What happens when your girlfriends are planning a trip that seems over their heads — and they want you to come along? Hey there Just thought I would see if you could give me any advice on a bit of a situation I have got myself into and what your well travelled opinion would be! […]

Ask Kate: Should I Pay Off My Student Loans Before Traveling?

This week’s Ask Kate question is actually the same question from three different readers — because I see it all the time. If you want to travel long-term but are carrying student loans, this question is for you. Reader #1: I am seriously considering quitting my job to travel. My problem is….I have roughly $20,000 […]

Ask Kate: How Do I Meet People When Traveling Alone?

Welcome to our new weekly segment — Ask Kate!  Email your travel questions to kate [at] adventurouskate [dot com] with the subject “Ask Kate.” Hi Kate, I’m looking to go to Europe in the spring and do not have anyone to go with me so I decided that I should go alone. I’m a little […]

When Your Credit Cards Are Stolen While Traveling

I’ve had my credit cards stolen while traveling in the past — I was pickpocketed in Buenos Aires in 2008 — and since then, I’ve guarded my belongings almost militantly.  I lock up most of my belongings in the hostel safe.  I use a purse that zips up and hangs across my body.  I take what […]

Tips for Traveling With Curly Hair

Having wild, curly hair is a double-edged sword.  Yes, there are occasions when it looks amazing — but most of the time, it’s out of control with a mind of its own! If you have wavy, curly or otherwise uncontrollable hair, you’ve likely got styling it down to a science: perfect products, tools and humidity […]