Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Small Towns in Europe That I Love

Let me tell you something: it’s easy to go to Europe and see nothing but cities.  For years, that was my modus operandi — to hit up the major cities and ignore small towns along the way.  It’s the easiest and most convenient option, especially if you’re traveling by train. But in the past year, […]

How Umbria Changed My Mind About Italy

Italy is my country.  I’ve spent a long time there, I studied abroad there, and I get a huge smile on my face each time I return, excited for the food and the wine and the beautiful people. As a result, my readers are always asking me for Italy advice.  Most of the time, people […]

The Ultimate Umbrian Feast

I’ve done a lot of the quintessential experiences in Italy — gawked at the Sistine Chapel in Rome, hiked the cliffs of Capri, ate myself into a coma in Emilia-Romagna’s trattorias, lazed on a gondola in Venice.  But there was one quintessential Italian activity I’ve never done.  That activity? Going to a winery and having […]

Scenes from Lovely Umbria, Italy

This April, I got to spend a wonderful week in the beautiful region of Umbria, Italy.  This spring’s Travel Bloggers Unite conference was held in partnership with the Umbria Region Tourism Board in the town of Assisi. I absolutely love Italy.  Italy probably ties for my favorite country along with Thailand, and I’ve spent so much […]

Rocca Maggiore: An Unforgettable View of Assisi

Most people who visit the town of Assisi, Italy, are on a pilgrimage to the basilica and tomb of St. Francis, pictured above.  While both places are well worth seeing — particularly the Giotto frescoes in the basilica — my favorite part of Assisi was climbing to Rocca Maggiore. Rocca Maggiore, a medieval fort built […]