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Travel Advice: How to Arrive in Las Vegas


After all our trips to Las Vegas, my friends and I have the arrival down to a science.

Here’s how to arrive in Las Vegas in style:


If you’re flying to Las Vegas from the East Coast, go to sleep as late as you can.  Sleep late if you can as well, but it’s most important that you go to bed late to get yourself used to the time change.

Try to book a flight that arrives in the late afternoon or evening.

However, if you arrive earlier, you can do this:

Most people arrive on Friday, and my friends and I like to arrive on Thursday because it’s far less crowded and gives us a better pick of rooms.

The day before you leave, make sure you’re confirmed on the guestlist at your club of choice for the night you arrive.  At least a week before, confirm a dining reservation for that night.

Before leaving for the airport, shower and get ready as if you were going out for the night.


Don’t check any luggage.  You don’t need more than a carry-on bag for a few days.  It will save you time and hassle.

Wear an outfit that’s comfortable but stylish and photographs well.

If you’re taking a long flight, especially from the East Coast, try to get a bit of sleep on the plane.  Even just an hour of rest will be helpful.

An hour before you touch down, it’s time to put on your makeup!  Again, it’s a time-saver.


Meet your limo driver in the airport.  Hiring a limo is one of the BEST choices you can make!  (I plan to post on this in more detail in a few weeks.)

Drive up the Strip while drinking champagne, blasting music, taking pictures, leaning out the window and hitting on whoever happens to be driving next to you!


Check into your hotel.  We love to stay in the Venetian/Mirage/Wynn area.  Be patient and polite if there’s a long line.  When the front desk employee asks you for your credit card, tuck a folded twenty-dollar bill underneath the card and ask, “Can you tell us what’s available?”

Every time, we’ve been upgraded to a Strip-view room.

(Alternately, you could do what my Philadelphia photographer friend Kelly Anne did, exclaiming excitedly, “I can’t believe we’re actually in Vegas!” That got her an upgraded room AND a free bottle of champagne.)


QUICKLY change into your Vegas club attire, and head downstairs to meet your friends.

Before that, SCREAM over the awesomeness of your room:


Dine at a fabulous party restaurant either in your hotel or the hotel where your club is — like Sushisamba at the Palazzo, pictured below, or Tao at the Venetian.


Arrive at one of the best clubs in Vegas.  Tao is great on Thursday nights, as is Tryst, pictured below.

Party until you’re about to fall over, go back, fall asleep, and wake up to go to the nearest buffet.

And THAT is how you start a trip to Vegas!

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4 Responses to “Travel Advice: How to Arrive in Las Vegas”
  1. alex says:

    looks like you girls know how to hit the ground running. Great tips; I’ve never been to vegas myself, but I’m thinking about it for my stag do later this year!

  2. Cliff says:

    Pretty awesome guide, can concur with all points. Missed the limo though, ’cause we rode in with our rental and if only I knew about the upgrade trick beforehand… 😉

    If you come for St. Paddys Day or Springbreak Vegas will be even crazier than usual!

    Cheers, Cliff

  3. One thing to add is try to arrive by car if possible. The main highway that comes into Vegas starts at a higher elevation and you drive ‘down’ into the city, you get to sell all the lights up close and it definitely makes you ‘feel’ like it’s time to get crazy. Have also used the twenty trick at check-in, just make sure there is no manager present behind the counter because the attendant will just say no bribes.

    Lastly, if your budget allows, I have to say the Venetian is the best bang for you buck in Las Vegas. Room down under $200/nt for a suite and the Venetian hotel/casino is absolutely amazing (even if you do take a cheesy gondola ride through the mall).

    Totally accurate post though and good reading.


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