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Travel Blogs: Best of the Week (June 13-19, 2010)


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I recently added several new travel blogs to my Travel Blogs Bundle on Google Reader.  You can subscribe to the entire bundle at once, which contains RSS feeds of 44 different travel blogs so far.

Here are the best posts from the past week:

Travel Recommendations for The Office: This is my favorite post of the week.  Andrew at Gadling wrote the most detailed assessment of where each character on (the American version of) The Office needs to travel.  Every suggestion is spot-on, from Kevin in New Orleans to Jim in Dublin.  You can tell Andrew is a huge fan of the show.

Your Travel Medicine Questions Answered: Steph at Twenty-Something Travel is gearing up for her RTW and recently went to get her shots.  Her nurse practitioner, Tanya Hardwell, was kind enough to answer questions about vaccinations and travel health abroad.  I highly recommend this, especially if you’re traveling to Southeast Asia.

Dealing with the Balinese Day of Silence: Sofia at As We Travel wrote about the New Year in Bali — which is like nothing you’d ever imagine.  Who knew that a day of silence could be pure hell?

The Traveler’s Guide to Choosing the Right Laptop: Anil at foXnoMad wrote an incredibly comprehensive guide to buying a laptop for travel: netbook vs. full-size laptop, Windows vs. Mac, and even Linux!  The tips for add-ons at the end are great, too.  Anil knows a lot about tech security, and his related articles are worth perusing as well.

My Favorite Souvenirs: Jenna at This Is My Happiness shares photos of her ceramic mug and cup collection.  These aren’t ordinary mugs: each one is gorgeous, and they come from Fiesole, Italy; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Granada, Spain; and Indonesia, among other places!

Photo of the Day: Cute Kid (Germany): Michael the Mobile Lawyer‘s photo made me crack up.  I love kids that seem to have a sense of humor beyond their years.

A Little Questionable…Yep, a Guatemalan Drug Bust: Shannon from A Little Adrift narrowly avoided a drug bust in the town of San Pedro on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.  It was pure luck that saved her from avoiding a night in jail.  READ THIS POST. And if not, take this advice from Shannon — always have your passport on you, or at least a copy of it.

6 Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do During a Backpacking Romance: Teresa at Art of Backpacking lays out the ground rules for getting romantically involved with a fellow backpacker.  The Facebook rule, in particular, is important — posting tons of pictures of you two making out all over a foreign city will end up hurting at least one of you.  Trust.  (Of course, that probably won’t stop me when the time comes…)

How Not to Dumbly Waste Money In RTW Travel: I love posts that share the literal reality of RTW and long-term travel.  Lillie at Around the World L shares her biggest money mistakes and her most financially savvy moves — including that AT&T will let your contract “hibernate” for $10 a month.  Take note, iPhone users!

Make Your Bucket List Less Daunting with a F***-it List: This was another laugh-out-loud post, written by Bret at The Jetpacker as a guest post on A Pair of Panties and Boxers.  Why create a bucket list when you can create a f***-it list?  Make a list of the things you’ll NEVER do!  (I did, a bit, already: see The Five Places I REFUSE to Visit!)

Have any recommendations for next week? Send them to me!


8 Responses to “Travel Blogs: Best of the Week (June 13-19, 2010)”
  1. Sofia says:

    oh Kate thanks so much for including our post in here – glad you enjoyed it, it really was a crazy day, but would def. do it again – this time be a lot more prepared 😉

  2. Teresa says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post on travel romance! Thanks for the mention!

  3. ayngelina says:

    Great round-up. I found a few new blogs I hadn’t seen before.

  4. Shannon OD says:

    Thanks for including me this week Kate! A couple of these posts I had missed! 🙂

  5. Loved the office post too! Great round-up.

  6. Jenna says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my post! It was a great surprise and made my day. I have been preoccupied with many other things the last couple weeks, so my blog needed a little outside love. 🙂 I look forward to checking out these other ones you featured.

  7. Californication is great too and involves lots of sexy stuff in this tv series.;~-

  8. i love to watch Californication, all those pretty girls wowwww”;,

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