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Travelers’ Night In — Family Travel!


On this week’s round of Travelers’ Night In, the interactive Twitter discussion for avid travelers and travel lovers, we focused on family travel!  As always, ten questions were asked, people responded while tagging their tweets #TNI, and learned quite a bit about some new destinations!

This week’s edition of #TNI was sponsored by Yucatan Holidays.  Thanks to their giveaways, ten lucky #TNI participants won trips to Cancun!

Here are the questions from this week:

Q1. What is your favorite childhood travel memory?

sixminutestyle Riding the cable cars down the ginormous hills in San Francisco and my brother hanging off the side, ’til dad grabbed him.

itsmescotty Visiting Aviemore, Santa Claus Land and the fake north pole in Scotland

MannySamaniego Before trips to Manila, Mom always asked the grocer for extra Pampers cartons… Filipino luggage

Every year, my family went camping at White Lake State Park in New Hampshire.  I loved bike riding, swimming, feeding chipmunks and perfecting my marshmallow roasting technique.  I first went to White Lake at 12 days old and even took my first steps there!

Q2. What is the most family-friendly destination in the world?

ACYPL Ironically, the Jersey shore — it’s a great place if you avoid the Snookis and Situations (Avalon > Ocean City)

20sTravel I don’t know about the world but I think that the US National Parks can be much fun for kids

eat_your_world I once met a traveling American family of 4 in Laos, so I think “family-friendly” can be almost anywhere!

As far as countries go, I recommend Italy — Italians love children and there’s gelato everywhere!

Q3. Have you ever gone on a multi-generational trip? Any tips?

thenicolesmith We did a cruise bc the boat was big enough and had something for every age

travelling_mom Yes, many times. Patience, compromise, rental house/apt!

BrooklynNomad Remember that while you love whiskey, grandma prefers vodka

One year, four generations of the family rented a cottage at Lake Ossipee in New Hampshire.  Make sure that everyone has enough space to get alone time!

Q4. Money-saving strategies for family travel?

Action_JoJo Stock up on snacks&drinks from the supermarket@ ur destination 2take on ur daily xcursions

cmvillegas Pair up with another family and share the cost of a rental.

melissaiscool Leave your kids at home.

If you’re staying in one place for five days or longer, rent a condo or apartment!  It’s often cheaper and you’ll have kitchen facilities so you won’t have to eat out all the time.

Q5. Funniest thing to happen while traveling with family?

srmcculley My Dad lied @ Disney -told me he was taking me on Thunder Mtn, but it was actually Splash Mtn – I cried the whole way

ConciergeQ My grandfather “fell” into an open manhole in Acapulco! CRAZY! He was fine! “Don’t tell your friends I fell in the sh*t hole!”

lisajanPA Leaving my brother behind in a rest stop and not noticing for 60 mins

ClrEisenberg Eating outside in Italy, storm rolls in, look up at hotel to see window blown open with a bra waving in the wind….it was grandma’s

coreyann My brother getting crapped on when feeding birds on the Ocracoke Ferry. That was awesome.

globaldish Went to chop down an X-mas tree and mom fell into a fire pit full of sooty slush & had to go pantsless!

BootsnAll At Disney Fort Wilderness, we’d sneak into petting farm at night. Mom fell into pile of manure in the dark.

20sTravel Family almost stampeded by a herd of buffalo at Yellowstone bc dad wouldnt put his camcorder down and get in the car

heliyes Uncle @ Disney “Look kids it’s Sh%T Bear” instead of Pooh bear

jillyrh My son fell asleep standing up in the backseat leaving DisneyW saying he wasn’t tired & didn’t want to leave

dangerjr Mom got splinter in her butt on a train in Knotts Berry

johnmill79 Lost cousin, last name Sallahudin, in fairgrounds. They called him “Sardine” on PA. He was more upset ab this than getting lost.

We had an insane innkeeper in Kilkenny, Ireland.  He really merits a full blog entry for himself, but at one point he ran by us in the lobby, shrieking like mad — “Why, hello, Mr. McCulley, hello, Mrs. McCulley.  I’d love to talk but THERE’S A MINK LOOSE IN THE BASEMENT!”

Q6. Favorite activity or attraction to visit with kids?

MeaganFrancis With kids, I love simple vacations. Museums are great but sometimes hanging out by a campfire or exploring a trail is the most fun.

LuxeTiffany Usually an aquarium if we’re not snorkeling the real thing!

chic_travel The Air & Space Museum in DC – kids (& adults) love this!

Whenever I walk through the Public Garden in Boston, I love seeing kids playing with the statues from Make Way For Ducklings.

Even when the big kids play with them instead. 🙂

Q7. Best family game/activity for airplanes or cars?

chadkennedy Love playing cards, making up stories about ppl in other cars always fun

Jenn_Rudolph Travel Bingo for cars. On planes, rip out magazine pages-babies love the noise, big kids make paper airplanes

marisagreen Singing. If you’re good. We reenacted entire Broadway musicals. 🙂

For me and my best friends of well over a decade — who really are my family — we like to play “Hey Hot Guy.”  It’s simple: yell, “Hey, hot guy!” and see who turns around.

Q8. Worst moment while traveling with kids?

mpaynor Passenger: Sitting next to “THAT kid” on the plane. Parent: Being the parent of THAT kid

iatraveler Losing track of them at a busy place. My heart stops! Recommend leash!

bubblybeth M and D almost got kicked out of a winery for bringing me and my little sis.

My parents will never complain about a baby on a plane for the rest of their lives.  They took a vow together when I was one year old and got sick all over the place.  They said walking down the aisle with a vomit-covered baby was like parting the Red Sea.  Never again would they complain about a baby.

Q9. Family-friendly travel gear you can’t live without?

GoApril Hand sanitizer – kids touch EVERYTHING

Lorraine_TLA We said our son was wasting cash on a water bottle with fan at Disney.We always use it now when outside a long time in hot climates.

CailinONeil wet wipes most definitely!!! Even for big kid travels! haha

Earplugs.  A must-have.

Q10. Best lesson learned while traveling with family?

chris2x Dad has a astonishingly long arms that will, in fact, reach the back seat

GoVacationHomes Time is precious. Go with the flow, enjoy each others’ company & laugh, laugh, laugh

LiteratiLisa Chocolate can solve any major family crisis.

Start scanning photos from old family vacations to your computer.  I wish I had old family photos to share this week!

And that’s the week!

Travelers’ Night In takes place on Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 ET.  The discussion is organized by the lovely ladies at ZipSetGo.  All are welcome!  Follow the #TNI tag to see the questions and conversation!


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  1. Jody says:

    Thanks for including me in the recap!
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  2. Michael says:

    Good recap! Many laughs during this #TNI.
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  3. Hate I keep missing these! I almost made it today. Looks like some great discussions happening at the #TNI Chat!

  4. ACYPL says:

    This was fun! I’m looking forward to doing it again next week.

  5. Miss Magpie says:

    Excellent recap. It was moving so fast yesterday it was easy to miss some of these great comments.

  6. Christy says:

    Thanks for including me in the recap. It’s always fun!
    .-= Christy´s last blog ..Let’s Colour Project =-.

  7. says:

    Kate, you never cease to amaze me with your answers (and photos) to each week’s #TNI. For those looking for more family travel-oriented resources, we have a really comprehensive guide to family travel on our site: Check it out!

  8. family vacations are good specially if you spend them near beaches or tropical rain forests ;;

  9. family vacations in a nice tropical country would be very very nice -*-

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