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Travelers’ Night In — Healthy Travel!



On this week’s round of Travelers’ Night In, the interactive Twitter discussion for avid travelers and travel lovers, the theme was healthy travel!  As always, ten questions were asked, people responded while tagging their tweets #TNI, and learned quite a few travel tips and ideas!

This week’s #TNI was sponsored by Choose Cherries.  Who knew that cherries were as good for you as they are delicious? Wonder if you get the same benefits from Bacardi Torched Cherry, as the lovely Robert Verdi introduced me to recently… 😉

Here are the questions for the week:

Q1. Must-haves you pack to stay healthy while traveling?

katemay3 TOILET PAPER!! Especially in SE Asia

clareappleyard I have to add suncream to the list – when you’re as pale-face as I am you wear it on even in a thunderstorm

VivaTravelGuide I’m also a huge fan of ginger. It really helps with car sickness.

NOnionsXPickles Hand-sanitizer… Try to use it sparingly but bring it everwhere!

All of the above…and Cipro.  Think you won’t need it?  You will.  It kills everything.

Q2. How do you stay fit on the road?

Smartiefartie Walk everywhere, take part in local sports and when possible cycle rather than drive!

CleverGayle #1 rule, don’t overindulge on the first day – with sun, alcohol, food, etc – go slow – can save a vacay

pamstucky If there’s a tower with 800 stairs to the top, I can’t help myself, I am compelled to climb it!

thecitizeNY We keep our arms in shape doing lifts. Like glasses of wine or mouthfuls of food.

In most of the places I visit, dancing all night is a popular and fitness-friendly tradition!

Q3. What efforts do you make to eat healthy on trips?

BridalTravelGuy I order the filet mignon instead of the NY Strip

gtrot Moderation! Savor a good glass of wine, a small piece of chocolate and fill up on fruit in the morning

Ytravels Eat the rainbow! (not Skittles) The more colors on the plate, the better I feel.

lisajanPA Lots of fruit (wine is made from fruit) and vegetables (vodka from potatoes)

Fruit, fruit, fruit.  Buy a ton in the morning, keep some in your bag, and snack throughout the day.

Q4. What’s the tastiest healthy meal you’ve had? Where?

dogjaunt The seafood in Stockholm — astonishing, and delicious. There’s a shrimp sandwich I dream of…

queenbbarb caprese salad, grilled octo w lemon & sea bass baked w fresh olive oil in Ravello. Almost. Died. For. Realz.

gastrotraveler Figs and pears picked straight from the tree, local artisan cheese and bread, glass of wine at Boeger in California

budgettravelsac If you answer anywhere in the South for this, you are lying or kidding yourself! 🙂

In Capri, the fresh mozzarella and tomatoes were so good, I almost cried.

Image: su-lin

Q5. Do you have a healthy jet-lag cure? Altitude cure?

Action_JoJo Bikram yoga esp half-tortoise pose. NEVER experienced jetlag if i practice upon arrival @ my destination

VisitBritain A pint of beer at a local British pub

letssitoutside Perfectly timed ingestion of Red Bull. Keeps me up then crashes when I need to crash

travelnewsdaily Jeez, is there a healthy jet lag cure? All my cures involve drinking and naps.

My jet lag technique when flying from the east coast to Vegas:

Go to bed really late the night before.  Wake up early the next day if you have to — but it’s most important that you go to bed late the night before!  And Red Bull.  Of course.  You’ll be fresh and ready to hit the club.

Q6. Worst experience of being sick on the road?

mobilelawyer I was kinda sick when a date of mine ordered White Zinfandel. Does that count?

verty Oh yeah… and the 2nd worst hangover of my life on a Contiki bus to the Loire for 8hrs. Puking=50 euro fine

culverlake Drinking homemade local rum in Belize all day. Flight the next day was unbearable.

grahamelesh I want to restart my #TNI drinking game – for Q6, everyone drink on “explosive diarrhea”

Kidney stones while studying in Florence.  Even worse than the searing pain was having to go to the bathroom and not being able to until I got an ultrasound.  I kept begging them in Italian to let me go, or I’d explode; the doctors and nurses simply smiled.

Q7. Most health conscious city you’ve been to?

TravelingPerly Osaka.Japan.They eat raw food. People are so tiny

ZipSetRachel I do think NYC gets overlooked. Most people walk, and there are tons of amazing veg. restaurants

insidetravellab Mi-ami – revolving plastic on toilet seats

globaldish Vancouver. feel out of place with those rugged, fit, attractive people w/their inline skates

San Francisco. Everyone’s got HOT LEGS from those hills!

Image: modenadude

Q8. Favorite fruit or veggie you’ve tried traveling?

CruiseMuse Her name was Amber.

missmanicqueen Durian from Davao, Philippines.. they also have durian coffee too as well as durian cheesecake.. YUM!

worldsparks the ‘joy fruit’ from southern spain, tastes a bit like a peach, looks like a big red blood cell

raisethatglass Anything citrus? I mean, a lime in a Corona or Pacifico and an orange in Blue Moon wonderfully cover exotic!

Jerusalem artichokes in Rome — a fantastic component of Roman Jewish cuisine!

Image: wheatfields

Q9. Are you healthier while traveling or at home?

FrontierTvlNZ Depends on destination. Tuscany I put on 5kg! Ooops! Vietnam last week = Healthier

cruise_slinger Mentally and spiritually, I feel better on the road in a convertible or on a cruise over open water. wind in hair!

WeekendInParis Home for sure! Great access to fruit & veg w/ability to prepare easily & keep in refrig. Plus, I try dessert in new places too much!

simcmanus Surely sipping on a wine tour is healthier than 1/2 a bottle of cheap stuff on the couch watching TV?

I definitely eat less at home, but I also sit at home writing more!

Q10. Least healthy thing you do when you travel?

MichaelTyson Driving in Italy

sarahleetravels Burn the candle at both ends, especially in great cities like Barcelona (just can’t seem to get the siesta thing down either)

Chinamike1410 Doing the rounds of all the local whiskey distilleries, when visiting Scotland ;-}}}}}}

Gadling Take your pick: drink, smoke, sit, sleep late, stay up late, eat, drink, pick fights, find hookers

Vegas.  Period.  Minimal sleep (four hours or less), casino smoke, alcohol, In-N-Out Burger, sunburn, tequila shots, molestation by Chippendales dancers, and then staying up all night before flying out at 7:30 AM.  Every time I return from Vegas, I end up sick for a week.  Yet it is SO incredibly worth it!

Image: bongarang

And that’s the week!

Travelers’ Night In, founded and organized by the lovely ladies at ZipSetGo, takes place on Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 ET. All are welcome! Follow the #TNI tag to see the questions and conversation!

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3 Responses to “Travelers’ Night In — Healthy Travel!”
  1. CruiseMuse says:

    Made the recap list two weeks in a row… note to self, go buy lottery tix! As usual #TNI was a blast, but getting so popular that my poor old Hootsuite can’t keep up with the stream. Does NE1 have a better twitter client they can recommend?

  2. Nathan says:

    missed the TNI, but love the round up! some funny answers there! Favorite fruit was the salak, “snake egg fruit” in asia, delicious!


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