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Travelers’ Night In — Spicy Travel!


On this week’s round of Travelers’ Night In, the interactive Twitter discussion for avid travelers and travel lovers, the theme was Spicy Travel!   Turns out that means anything Latin American, hot and/or exotic!  As always, ten questions were asked, people responded while tagging their tweets #TNI, and learned quite a bit about some new destinations!

Q1. Describe your spiciest experience/place in Latin America.

theexplorateur Spiciest food was a MEAN habanero-spiked Chimichurri in Buenos Aires, Spiciest people- Cariocas!

insidetravellab Accidental tomato/chilli mishap in Lima

ACYPL Latin friend once cooked a chicken/rice/peppers dish with some vicious pepper that he served basically raw. Still hurts to this day

CGTravels I wish I could say it was someone named RAMON or something, but no…

Spicy was more figurative in this case.  For me, it was dancing all night with people from around the world in Buenos Aires!

Q2. What is the spiciest thing you’ve ever eaten? Where?

WanderLoz I tried a fire-chili pepper tequila at a tequila bar in Sydney… burned! (please note: skull+crossbones)

campersonne Not south america, but the spiciest was thai food in Dubai actually burned my bottom lip completely!

gtrot Eating Monk’s Cafe Spanish Flies hot wings in Philadelphia, PA I was crying but they were so good!

BridalTravelGuy These questions are way to easy for this sick bunch to twist into something naughty

Surprisingly, it was actually here in Boston.  My friend Beth and I went to an Indian restaurant and were in the mood for spicy food.  “Oh yeah, spicy.  We want spicy.”  Um, let’s just say that while we love spicy food, ordering spicy food THERE was a big mistake.  We nearly cried.

Q3. Best way to spice up a vacation?

HerJourneyMag BOYS! 🙂

TravelEditor Ditch the map for a day and let the locals give you ideas for what to do & where to go.

StarfishTravel Brazilian wax. =)

whereisyvette I want @adventurouskate to list who has dirty minds in #TNI based on Q3 in this week’s recap

davidmfrey Just got back from running with the bulls in Pamplona. That worked for me.

Melissa_Abroad Is it stereotypical to say “Get a spicy lover for the duration of the trip!” ?

LocoGringoCom Go with someone else’s spouse!

Do something that you did not have planned anywhere on your itinerary.  Trust me — it will invigorate you!

Q4. Which Latin American country has the spiciest nightlife?

TravelSavvyKayt Definitely Bogota. Oh, I danced my feet off every. single. night

MoonGuides That’s a tough one. There are so many good choices. But Mexico and Brazil both offer nightlife that is muy caliente.

ieishah My first salsa dance was in a back alley club in Limón, Costa Rica with a one armed man. Hooked ever since. [I’m sorry, what?!?!]

marcygordon I’d have to say the Republic of South Beach in Miami

The best nightlife I ever experienced in Latin America was the La Bomba percussion show in Buenos Aires, followed by a night at an illegal bar in someone’s home.

Q5. Spiciest destination for couples?

argentinatours Punta del Este in Uruguay, Brazilian beaches, Argentina, Colombia!!

GoOverseas Cuba! Plenty of dirty dancing to be had =)

WhyGoFrance I may be biased, but the FR Riviera is pretty spicy; St.-Tropez cocktail hour a perfect excuse to get dressed up all sexy-like.

chic_travel Is it required that you’re a couple b4 u get there?

I went to Cancun with a boyfriend and was asked, “Honeymooners?” wherever I went.

Yep, bring a paramour to Cancun.  They’ll take care of you.

Q6. Biggest tourist trap of in Latin America?

ZipSetRachel I was not overly impressed with the Nazca Lines in Peru. Too much hype.

artistatlarge I’d vote for Cancun as the biggest tourist trap in Latin America.

nomadicchick All-inclusive hell, which are prominent in the ports.

whereishawkins I would say Tijuana is a tourist trap but they have donkey shows, and thus, get a thumbs up review from me.

Okay — anyone who mentions Senor Frogs — I’m talking about you, @MeganSterritt and @global_gourmet — doesn’t know what they’re missing!  I LOVE THAT PLACE!

Q7. Need to know Spanish phrases for Latin America travel?

Action_JoJo Buenos dias, Buenas tardes/noches, Gracias, Por Favor, Much Gusto, Perdon/Disculpe/Los siento

savvytravelblog “How much for the bottle?”, “Do you have any antibiotics?”, “Is this a non raping/kidnapping taxi?”

mundosurfer Una ceverza bien fria por favor, (cold beer please) te amo, nos casamos? ( I love you, should get married 🙂

LEISUREGODDESS Cervezas por favor… Tequila por favor …Pepto por favor

Q8. Must-dos when visiting Latin America?

GlobalBasecamps Stay in an eco-dome in Chile!

rtwdave SALSA dancing, por supuesto

mundosurfer Tierra Del Fuego and Wines in Mendoza

BABackpacker u must have an authentic mexican hamburger. With actual ham, avocado & the whole works.

Visit a tango milonga in Buenos Aires! Not a tango show — a milonga, a dance hall.  I promise that it’s the most entertaining people-watching you’ll ever see.

Q9. Are you a Latin America DIY explorer, or have you taken tours? Recommendations?

planetnomad Done both, but prefer to go-it-alone, or with a local friend. Much less confining that way and much cooler experience!

cruise_slinger Private tours are better. some amazing places that even locals don’t always know abt (or want 2 share)

GlobalBasecamps Recommend exploring the reef & rainforest in Guatemala & Belize!

airtreks Go on a personal surf safari. The waves in NW Costa Rica are outstanding!

I’m a solo girl at heart, and while I’m not opposed to tours, I wouldn’t take one unless it was exceptional.

Q10. Spicy spot in Latin America you most want to visit?

EBKPR Definitely brazil and not just Rio

Diane_Letulle Argentina – for Buenos Aires, Mendoza & hopefully Iguazu Falls – planning for 2011

JABtravels The volcanoes and lakes of nicaragua

CharlesMcCool Rio for World Cup 2014 or Carnivale any year

This year, my sister went to Panama on a whim.  She loved it so much, my mom went a month later — and she adored it, too.  I need to go to Panama!

Panama image by joiseyshowaa

And that’s the week!

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9 Responses to “Travelers’ Night In — Spicy Travel!”
  1. Thanks for the mention! Great round-up (I think I need to visit a lot more of Latin America).

  2. Great recap. Sort of like your friends telling you how drunk you were the night before and producing the transcript. #TNI is becoming #TMI (Too much information). Love it.

  3. So sorry I missed this – #TNI adds a welcome twist to my week, jumpstarting my creativity for the final push to the weekend! Thanks for the recap – can’t wait for next week.


  4. Thanks for the recap, Kate, missed the last ten minutes… and yes, you should go to Panama! Immediately!

  5. Traveler’s Nights In are getting better and better. Seems like a lot of folks are joining in and participating each new week.

    One of the best things about TNI is that you get a chance to follow a slew of new Twitterers you wouldn’t normally come across that are equally excited about travel. Good stuff.

    Thanks for the recap, Kate!

  6. ieishah says:

    Just to be clear: I meant ‘hooked’ as in addicted to salsa, not hooked like one arm pirate! But seriously, dude totally had one damn arm! And he was so good, I didn’t notice until half way through the song. So many guys can’t do it with 2 good arms…

  7. I never like to miss TNI, but always appreciate the recap. And there is so much spice below the Rio Grande… I spent many, many, months there… and don’t just want to return, I need to return

    Stay spicy y stay adventurous,

  8. Amy says:

    No one mentioned the sheer awesomeness of Chichen Itza. Yes, there are people trying to sell you junky souvenirs every 5 feet, but those Mayans were batshit crazy people with their sinkhole of child sacrifice, and they built one of the most stunning pieces of architecture I have ever witnessed with tools no more complicated than wheels and pulleys. This is one time when a knowledgeable tour guide is a must!

  9. Andi says:

    I loved reading this! I really need to start participating in this group. Latin and South America is the best part of the world, I’m totally convinced!!!

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