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Travelers’ Night In: The WORST of Travel!


On this week’s round of Travelers’ Night In, the interactive Twitter discussion for avid travelers and travel lovers, focused on the WORST travel experiences we’ve ever had!  As always, ten questions were asked, people responded while tagging their tweets #TNI, and learned quite a bit about some new destinations!

Here are the questions for this week:

Q1. Worst Airline Experience? What airline were you flying?

Anthony_F Sitting next 2 a guy reading a porn comic book on Luthansa

everywhereist Worst Airline? United. I think the employees are former prison guards. Or possible former inmates.

JaneCys Bunch of teens got into the alcohol — and we arrived at the airport with marshalls waiting for them!!

For me, it was when my sister and I flew RyanAir from London Stansted to Bologna Forli. Neither of us had slept the night before and poor Sars was suffering from food poisoning. It was impossible to get comfortable in those tiny, hard plastic seats.  Eventually, I just lay on top of the trays and let her lie on top of me.

Q2. What hostel/hotel would you not recommended to even your worst enemy?

TheWorldCalls Budget hotel in Cairo. 2 words: Taco Bed. Seriously. Thought I might suffocate by morning.

ericajellis motel in Chiquimula, Guatemala. Random men knocking on my door all night. One actually opened the door. Sketchy

GJGBTL231 Found out it was a love hostel! I felt asleep to sounds of both rough sex and SM plays! Really Charming!

I direct you to the following film my sister and I made: What 20 Euro Buys You In Paris.

What 20 Euro buys you in Paris

Kate | MySpace Video

(Note: I HATE THIS VIDEO. I hate my voice. I swear I’m not this annoying in real life anymore. I never say “people” like I do in this video. But this is a great video showing you one of our all-time worst hotel rooms, and that’s why I’m including it.)

Q3. Tell us about your worst restaurant experience.

ConciergeQ 70s, NYC Hotel, Thanksgiving meal, large man had a heart attack & died. Waiters covered him w/ a tablecloth until ambulance arrived

smultronstallen I had faijtas at TGIF & it was chewy. I look a bit closer & discovered a bunch of toilet paper in the food

thecitizeNY I’d say the Plaza, NYC. $18 plus tip for a batch of hotel pancakes is criminal.

Here’s some advice for Italy (or any other place, really): Never eat in a restaurant named after a monument, city or artist.  That includes Cafe Duomo, Ristorante Michelangelo, Trattoria Roma, etc. Restaurants like these cater to lazy tourists.

Q4. Which tourist trap is the biggest scam of all?

cfinjer Tiger Kingdom, Chiang Mai. Drugged tigers do not = fun. Just glad didn’t go to ‘Long Neck Karen’ next door

airtreks The biggest scam of all? Good luck getting a deal on a rug in Istanbul (if Turkish is not yr native lang). No amt of tea will help.

whygofrance I never understood the appeal of Times Square, but that may be the New Yorker in me.

I get mad when I see people buying nightclub passes on the streets in Las Vegas. Those are available for free in any gift shop inside the hotel where the club is.

Q5. What has been your worst luggage disaster?

theseboots Some guy’s Florida trophy marlin exploded its guts and fish juice all over my checked suitcase

LindseyBizTravl Bridesmaid & they lost my luggage.

laurably What disasters? I never check luggage 🙂

Way back in college, my boyfriend at the time got a coupon for Six Flags on a carton of milk, so he just threw the whole carton into the luggage WITHOUT RINSING IT. It was one of the worst smells I’ve ever experienced, and it permeated every item of clothing in our bag.

We’re no longer dating.

Q6. Worst travel experience with the outdoors?

lax2nrt Attempted to re-create iconic Brady Bunch episode by riding a donkey down the Grand Canyon with my siblings. Last. Family. Vacation.

mytimetotravel Leeches in Lao rain forest

almostfearless One time we ran out of beer. Does that count?

I went to Fairfield University, and despite the fact that it’s in a large town in Connecticut, the wildlife is INSANE. Deer run through campus, skunks stalk the townhouses, bright green parrots live in the trees by the chapel, and WILD TURKEYS ATTACK.  Do not cross those turkeys.


Q7. What is one trip you wish you wouldn’t have taken?

NG_Rome tijuana for a cup of coffee.

NG_LasVegas The Texas trip when my brakes went out, the hotel room was creepy & I had left my hubby at home…tho it did make a great story.

SparkleBella every trip has been an experience, one way or the other, and there isn’t one I’d “take back” if I could.

Pretty much everyone had the same sentiments as SparkleBella — there were no regrets, and nobody would take back a trip.  I feel the same way.  I do know, however, that my Cancun trip last August wasn’t a good idea — I went because swine flu drove down prices to ridiculous levels, but I really didn’t have the money to spend on a trip in the first place.

But it was still a blast.

Q8. Which city has the lamest nightlife?

rtwdave I recall Venice being pretty dead (1998)

clareappleyard Hobart. At 5pm they roll up the streets and pack everything away.

nu_veau OMG playa hermosa in costa rica: the nearest rest. was 15 mins away..after that the nearest bar was 25 mins, and there were only 2!

Bruges is a lovely, beautiful city — but by the time you’ve been there for three days, the third of which is a rainy Sunday, you’re clawing at the walls.

That being said, they have excellent beer.

Q9. What is the most overpriced excursion you have been on?

mswoodenshoes Moulin Rouge. 120 euro for a cheesy show and bad champagne

whats_haapanen Deep-sea fishing off the Florida Keys. Astronomical!

LuxBeach It would be the helicopter tour over the volcano in Hawaii. Cool, though…

Gambling on the Strip in Las Vegas. The minimums are so high. You need to go to sketchier casinos off the Strip to find $5 Blackjack. Downtown Las Vegas is where to do that, though it’s a very, very odd place — especially during the day.

Q10. Best travel tip learned from worst travel experience?

starfishtravel Make sure your bank knows you’re out of the country.

ieishah Don’t listen to Thai taxi drivers. (Paid 2x normal amount for ride & ended up buying tix to lamest drag show in history)

TravelEditor If instincts say something is dangerous/risky, trust them; it probably is.

I’m going to blog about this in depth, so I’ll be brief.  I was pickpocketed in Buenos Aires — on my first day of my first entirely solo trip, and my first day ever in South America!

My advice: GET A PURSE THAT ZIPS COMPLETELY. Hide your money in several different places on your body and in your luggage.  Bring the international phone numbers of your credit card companies with you.

And that’s the week!

Travelers’ Night In takes place on Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 ET.  The discussion is organized by the lovely ladies at ZipSetGo.  All are welcome!  Follow the #TNI tag to see the questions and conversation!

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6 Responses to “Travelers’ Night In: The WORST of Travel!”
  1. Appreciate the recap. Wish I could have added some value to TNI this week as all travelers hold great memories of not so great moments….ah, but looking back – all stories. And they build character.

    Someday I should tell my border crossing story. Surprised immigration / customs didn’t make the ten questions. I always have the most difficult time getting into Canada of all places…

    stay adventurous,
    .-= craig zabransky´s last blog ..The Truth about Cinco de Mayo =-.

  2. The photo of you asleep on the plastic tray is kind of killing me. I’ve been there.
    .-= Everywhereist´s last blog ..10 ways to make your next flight more productive … =-.

    • Kate says:

      That was actually coming back from Vegas. On the past two trips, we’ve stayed out all night and flown back at 7:30 AM. Recently decided we are NEVER, EVER doing that again! So not worth it.

  3. anuli h says:

    Omg downtown Las Vegas is SOOO weird!it looks like a scene from a 1980s cheesy cop tv show. But with penny minimums and hilarious street acts, its a charmer. Plus when I went I got to see ‘Turk’ from the show Scrubs shooting the pilot for his new series.

  4. Hahahah, that Paris video is a great example of what a hotel shouldn’t be!

  5. Valerie says:

    What I’ve learned from my bad travel experiences:
    1- Triple-confirm everything before and after you book anything.
    2- Kids, even mine, do not tolerate long road trips very well without a portable DVD player.
    3- Leave yourself more time than you think you need to get to the airport. Especially in Chicago.
    4- Always have more money than you think you need, just in case.
    5- Don’t let a necessary drastic change in travel plans ruin your trip. (Even if it’s your honeymoon and you end up in L.A. instead of Hawaii because of an earthquake.)

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