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Travelers’ Night In — Travel Your Way!


On this week’s round of Travelers’ Night In, the interactive Twitter discussion for avid travelers and travel lovers, the theme was Travel Your Way!  As always, ten questions were asked, people responded while tagging their tweets #TNI, and learned quite a bit about some new destinations!

Before I get started, I’d like to draw your attention to the #TNI Cookbook.  Organized by Jodi Harrelson (@StarfishTravel) and Stephanie Diehl (@traveldesigned), the cookbook will be featuring recipes by us — yes, everyone on #TNI and beyond! — and the donations will benefit Planeterra projects around the world.

Every week, we all have so much to share, particularly about food.  This is a chance to share in more than 140 characters!  To contribute a recipe or find out more information, please email the creators.  Thanks!

Here are the questions from this week:

Q1. What kind of traveler are you and why?

cfinjer A ‘discover it for yourself’ kinda traveler who embraces every wrong turn.

cowgirljab History, culture & geography seeker…don’t like schedules or 2 many plans. Very spontaneous.

icee I am a FOOD traveler! I pick out where I want to eat before a place to stay in most cases

MissExpatria Love hotels. Love trains. Love traveling alone. Love beautiful sites. Love food. History/facts? Not so much.

I’m a Europhile, francophile, italophile, Vegas addict and lover of food, nightlife and people.  Is that a type?

Q2. Do you pay for your airline ticket or use FF points / award perks for leisure travel? Why?

Jetwerk If a tix is less then $200, I don’t use pts

TravelPRpro I save up FF points for a big trip… like this past Oct, got two roundtrip tix to Spain

joanna_haugen I always fly cheapest airline, so it’s different each time. I collect miles, but don’t seem to collect enough to use for tickets.

SEASunDodger Pay, the thrill of a good deal on a ticket is almost as exciting as the destination!

Just got my first FF card — US Airways, because I happened to be taking lots of US Airways flights (they’re one of the few that flies direct Boston to Las Vegas).  Now I’ve got enough miles for a flight to Europe…hmm…

Q3. Do you rent a car or take taxis when you travel?

yoginitraveler Depends on location. European cities? Walk & metro. Asia? Taxi. Africa? Depends, but usually hired car. US Nat’l Park? Rental car

travel_version Never rent a car. Taxis, mass transit or good ‘ol walking gets you anywhere.

theexplorateur Mix of both- depends on the destination. The more convoluted the roads & routes, the more I want to self-drive

thedailycraic Leaving for Ireland Wed & renting a car – driving stick on other side of road, uh oh! [Do what my dad did in Ireland — every time you nearly cause an accident, just say, “We’re from out of town.”]

I thought I had never rented a car in my life — and while I haven’t for myself, my mom and I rented one together in New Mexico.  We drove all over the state.  Isn’t that car the perfect color for the desert?

Q4. How do you pass time in the airport while traveling?

coreyann iPhone, Kindle, Books, twitpic-ing the crazy shit people do in airports

travelnewsdaily People watching, eavesdropping, wishing others’ children would behave, critiquing travel “fashions.”

totallytypea DET metro has a great wine bar and mani/pedi place!

SparkleBella Trick question, huh? THE BAR.

iTunes movie rentals!  Whether for netbook or iPhone (and now iPad), they’re lifesavers!

Q5. Do you set your travel destinations based on a hobby? What do you do?

meggroff I like ancient history so usually start there-Pyramids/Angkor etc.

global_gourmet Exploring local cuisine, ingredients, markets & if lucky, finding an opportunity to prepare a meal with a local ranks high for me.

BootsnAll Don’t pick by hobby – by # of days, time of year & $. But always try to do cooking class, beer/wine tasting & ride horses on trips

CindyRichards My hobby is travel, so that makes it easy. I can go anywhere.

I asked if nightlife was a hobby.  (The answer: a resounding YES from everyone.)  I’ll gladly travel for clubs, parties, dancing and drinks — and that’s why I have Belgrade, Ko Pha Ngan and Jakarta on my list!

Q6. What is your favorite splurge item when you travel? Why?

BridalTravelGuy Is BAIL an answer?

SmarterTravel Shoes and/or purses, so that when someone compliments me I can say, “Oh, I got this in XYZ, no big deal” 😉

OverYonderlust We always splurge on food – we even budget to drop alot of cash on ONE good night out.

GlobalBasecamps Massage, massage, massage. WHY? I’m worth it!

I’ll join the foodies in splurging on a meal.  The occasional amazing Vegas restaurant is fun…especially when you realize that you’re sitting next to Maroon 5!

Q7. Describe your perfect nightlife spot when traveling.

WanderLoz Geographically central, hot locals, drink specials, and music that makes me forget about the heels I’m wearing!

smackdown928 a good glass of wine out on a plaza- wish I was doing it right now. Do like a good night of dancing as well

globaldish Oh, how I love beach parties. Sand, water, bonfires, dancing, beer – perfection. Preferably with other people.

EpsteinTravels Pubs! that is my perfect nightlife spot….with or without traditional music

Any perfect place has to have good music, dancing, and friendly, cool people in a great mood…and lots of handsome men who want to buy you drinks!  The place where you can find all of this?  Tryst at the Wynn in Las Vegas.  It’s perfect every time.

Q8. What has been your biggest regret while traveling?

lisajanPA getting engaged in Santorini didn’t get married but kept the ring!

emoliver413 Looking through the lens of my camera more than through my eyes

CGTravels I’ve regretted excess consumption of limoncello. Amusing in retrospect but not at the time!

johnmill79 That I didn’t get her number or e-mail address. lol

Definitely not being prepared for being robbed in Buenos Aires and having to look up all the phone numbers to call to cancel my credit cards.  Not to mention having no extra cash stashed away.

Q9. Do you travel with your pets? Tips?

WomensJourneys love road trips with my 130 pound american bulldog

Gadling Yes, we travel with pets a lot. Check VRBO for rentals; much more amenable to pets. Also: bring their beds and toys.

Ximm5 its illegal to fly intercontinentally with turtles =(

srmcculley My pet sister @adventurouskate. She requires a leash. And a water bowl full of vodka. [Don’t ask.]

Animals? Me? HA.

Q10. If you could travel with anyone, who would it be?

BridalTravelGuy EASY USAirways Captain Sully Sullenberg DUH!!

srmcculley Anthony Bourdain! Drinking and eating into oblivion.

Divanessss OPRAH! Just to see what her world is like

StarfishTravel @HughHefner a man that travels in ultimate style! (U need a brunette on ur team!)

whereishawkins Darth Vader would be a great fictional travel buddy. Imagine the fun at border crossings!

letsgotravel Rick Steves anyone? Rick Steves circa 1975 maybe? We’re big fans in case you couldn’t tell!

mobilelawyer Richard Branson would be a rocking travel partner. My new top choice on #TNI

gtrot I would travel with @BearGrylls – he could take you to the wildest places and show you how to survive!

SEASunDodger Anderson Cooper! We’d totally get into crazy situations and meet awesome peeps and it’d be sweet! I’d never come home!

lisajanPA YOU GUYS! Can you imagine how much fun it would be!?!

It could happen.  Anyone want to do a #TNI tweetup?  NYC? Vegas?

My pick? Jake Gyllenhaal.  I’ve always had him and Jamie Foxx on my list of famous people with whom I’d love to hit the club.  But traveling?  YES.  This hilarious video of him in Moscow sealed the deal for me (watch from 1:08 on):

How could you NOT want to go to Moscow with Jake Gyllenhaal?

And that’s the week!

Travelers’ Night In, founded and organized by the lovely ladies at ZipSetGo, takes place on Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 ET.  All are welcome!  Follow the #TNI tag to see the questions and conversation!


8 Responses to “Travelers’ Night In — Travel Your Way!”
  1. Kirsten says:

    There are toooo many good lines in this, but my favorite is still “I’m a Europhile, francophile, italophile, Vegas addict and lover of food, nightlife and people. Is that a type?”.

  2. AdventureRob says:

    I think what we can take from this is everyone travels differently and still has a throughly good time ^_^

  3. Lauren says:


    1. Thanks for including me in your fabulous recap!

    2. So I told you I’d hit you up if I ever come over to the east coast, but I see you have quite the weakness for Vegas… I just went to Vegas for my FIRST time ever two weeks ago and I gotta say I’m itching to go back!! I’m addicted. And Tryst was one of the clubs we missed!

    3. Obsessed with Jake. Thanks for the visual treat. 🙂


  4. Great roundup of tips.

    One of these days I might be in a time zone where I can actually join the discussion live!

  5. Gareth Sear says:

    Like the recap of the last #TNI. With regards to the Do you travel with yoru pets question – Did you know that we have pet passports in the UK for travel to Europe – complete with a little photo of your cute cat or dog -but I don’t think it has a little paw print it for full identification.. now biomestrics, that’s another thing…

    Looking forwad to #TNI this week if I’m about!


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