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Travelers’ Night In — USA! USA!


This week’s round of Travelers’ Night In, the interactive Twitter discussion for avid travelers and travel lovers, focused on the USA!  As always, ten questions were asked, people responded while tagging their tweets #TNI, and learned quite a bit about some new destinations!

Here are the questions for the week:

Q1. Where is your favorite state for a summer vacation?

lori_travelsThe mountains… Colorado. No humidity & plenty of things to do

WantToGoTravel I have the best memories of the panhandle beaches in Florida.

pingudog most recently, south carolina! Hilton Head Island is amazing and it’s not even peak season

Growing up, my family and I spent every summer camping in New Hampshire.  It’s a perfect summer destination — warm but not too hot, secluded but not too far from Boston.  Live free or die, baby!

Q2. What is the best destination in the US? Which is the most overrated?

PaulOMeara Best tourist attraction – the Florida Keys in general. Most overrated – Key Largo in particular 🙂

lisajanPA What is the best tourist attraction in the United States? (DC & The Mall) Which is the most overrated? ( Hollywood!)

girlsgetawayBest tourist attraction in US? Biltmore Estate in Asheville … the most overrated? I hate to say but Disney in FL…

The Grand Canyon is something that every American should see.  And you know how I feel about Vegas!  I love San Francisco, too — the city and surrounding area have something for everyone.  And Washington, DC, is a fantastic place to visit and learn, especially for families.

Q3. Show us the most spectacular picture you have taken in the U.S.

NewYorkGuest my favorite pic in the US taken from a boat in NYC Harbor! Lady Liberty never looked better!


PaulOMeara my single favorite picture in New Orleans 🙂

Here’s a nice one of Boston:

Q4. Where is the best place for an adrenaline rush in the U.S.?

thewordwire Rafting the Gauley River, West Virginia

travelanswerman Stalking Kodiak Bear in the Kodiak Archipelgo off the coast of Alaska! A major rush!!!

lisajanPA Skydiving anywhere. Whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon. Driving in NY

Oh, and I’d love to go surfing in Hawaii!

Q5. Where is one place in the US you would go over and over again?

joetamborello Camping in Badlands National Park.

coreyann Other than the Outer Banks, I go to NOLA over and over and over. Love the food and southern hospitality.

1step2theleft Bottom of Golden Gate in San Francisco at sunset (wonderful when fog starts covering it…)

Well, I do go to Vegas again and again!  New York, too.  But I’d also love to drive down the California coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles again.  I had just turned 15 when I did it with my family, so I’d love a chance to drive it myself!

Q6. Which city has the best nightlife in the U.S.? Which has the best shopping?

amk748 Which city has the best nightlife and shopping in US? New York and Vegas for best nightlife, and NYC for shopping

GJGBTL231 Nightlife: New Orleans ! Shopping: Mall of America/Minneapolis !

nomadicchick Best shopping. For deal city I like Bellingham, Washington, sheer volume, Las Vegas, baby.

travelanswerman New York City has the best nightlife. Theater, fine dining, international flavor!

Las Vegas and New York are the two answers for this question.  Las Vegas for gorgeous clubs where everyone is in a great mood, and incredible designer shops.  New York brings authenticity and diversity to both.

The bottom picture, taken at the Wynn Las Vegas, epitomizes the city’s shopping and nightlife!

Q7. What is your all-time favorite classic American food?

tomtravel2 Apple pie has to be the dessert. Or Cherry pieor maybe strawberry rhubarb?!

whereivebeen Most definitely cheese curds from Wisconsin! Yum!

WomensJourneysThe backyard cookout. Steaks, burgers, sausages, grilled squash, potato chips. I guess this is a “staycation” answer.

My first thought?  Macaroni and cheese with cut-up hot dogs.  My second thought?  In-N-Out Burger.

But then there are my beloved oysters, and my favorites are Katama Bays from Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.  You can get them at Neptune Oyster, one of my favorite Boston restaurants.

Q8. Tell us about your favorite American hidden gem!

fullersloane Visiting Vermont in the summertime. I want to bottle that air & bring it back to Florida

LaRee1979 mtns of WNorthCarolina.Beautiful nature, laidback,even a fun hippie population! Lotsa outdoorsy stuff, antique shopping

allaboutmexico The Hill Country in Austin – best place in Texas

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are unknown to most people outside the northeastern US.  They are absolutely beautiful and so quiet and peaceful.

Q9. Which American stereotype is totally true?  Which is totally false?

madsenlily True stereotype that Americans know little about the rest of world, false that Americans don’t care

Wandering_Off Americans aren’t stupid, at least not most of us!

artistatlarge I totally get why the French have stereotyped us as loud and unrefined

clareappleyard False That all Americans are loud & obnoxious.

Americans are exceptionally friendly, especially in the midwest and south!  That’s the truth.

And while some see Americans as fat, dumb and completely clueless when it comes to the rest of the world, anyone who has spent time here knows that most of us aren’t like that!

Like the Scotsmen below.

Q10. What is one thing that you love about the U.S. that makes it unique?

TravelMamas I love that each state has its own mini-culture.

YucatanHolidays The beautiful ladies …. and the freedom, diversity, and the shopping malls 😀

20sTravel I really love the friendly outgoingness of the American people. I can always spot it abroad too!

I love the American Dream.  If you work hard and put in effort, you WILL become successful.  That’s what I love the most about my country.

And In-N-Out Burger.

And that’s the week!

Have anything to add?  Join right in!

Travelers’ Night In takes place on Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 ET.  The discussion is organized by the lovely ladies at ZipSetGo.  All are welcome!  Follow the #TNI tag to see the questions and conversation!

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7 Responses to “Travelers’ Night In — USA! USA!”
  1. Dian Emery says:

    Thanks Kate, for this great recap of the weekly #TNi tweetup!

  2. GOApril says:

    I love to recap with your blog after #TNI!!! give’s you a sneak peak into the next wks theme and if you missed one week no worries – we recap past weeks answers and themes too!

    See you next week – Theme is “Adventure Travel” Should be a rush!!!!!

  3. Jorge says:

    Hey Kate! thank you for including my tweets in your recaps! They are always great and useful specially for the tweeps thats miss the #TNI !!! Can’t wait for next’s week #TNI!
    my best wishes!


  4. Thanks for the recap and the kind mention. I love #TNI, and this week’s topic of the U.S.A. was perfect for me. I was reminded of many places I’ve seen or want to see (San Fran, White Mountains), and also learned about some new things, like cheese curds in WI and upper NY.

  5. Paul O'Meara says:

    Great recap and layout, Kate…I smell sequel. Thanks for taking on this recap and including my tweets in the mix…

  6. Bill says:

    All the mountain ranges up there in the Northeast are fantastic – sharp, jagged mountains that trail most of the way south. The tail end of the Blue Ridge houses some great country in SC too, the Ceasars Head State Park is beautiful country, and as you head to the coast there is a lot of different low country charm around. All you have to do is look at a Myrtle Beach webcam and know that that area should be a destination to. For bird lovers, the Bird Island State Reserve is just above Myrtle Beach and Huntington State Park just below it. The White Mountains, the Adirondacks and the Outer Banks, the boardwalk towns and warm suns of the southern beaches – the east coast is great!


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