Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Travelers’ Night In — Water World!


On this week’s round of Travelers’ Night In, the interactive Twitter discussion for avid travelers and travel lovers, the theme was Water World — anything having to do with water-related travel!  As always, ten questions were asked, people responded while tagging their tweets #TNI, and learned quite a few travel tips and ideas!

Here were this week’s questions:

Q1. Best place to catch a wave?

NevEndingVoyage Kuta, Bali is a horrid place but had good surf lessons & beginner boards. Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka is much nicer but less equipped

SandCTravel I love Satellite Bch, FL– lovely waves, no crowds

mundosurfer Intermediate Nicaragua, Advanced to expert Maldives, Indonesia, Fiji

locogringocom Any place in the Caribe during a class 3+ hurricane.

Surfing image: Michael Dawes

Q2. Worst drinking water experience in your travels?

LimeWave At a desert island in Tonga. While drinking rainwater we discovered larvae swimming in it

tranquilotravel In India, wife sucked cockroach through straw! she spit it out, it crawled away, & she finished her drink. that’s my gal!

IntoxAbroad Once i was really thirsty and couldn’t find any beer ao I had to drink water instead….terrible

roniweiss Q2 = another excuse for #TNI participants to preach alcohol over other drinks/ideas

Image: *Kicki*

Q3. Best “lake” experience you’ve had and why?

lovingtravel Lucerne in Switzerland, the city, the lake, the mountains it’s stunning

ljrexpeditions LOVE Lake Baikal in Siberia. Vast and rugged!

BootsnAll Snorkeling in Silfra lake at Thingvellir in Iceland. Super clear water and you can see down into the crack in earth.

budgettravelsac Tahoe (forgot the why part). For me, I love the mountains and Tahoe is the best of both water & mountains. Beautiful, clean, quiet

Lake Tahoe image: hbp_pix

Q4. Beach with the hottest human scenery? Beach with the worst?

ieishah Best: Ibiza, and nearby Fomentera, which is even better than Ibiza. Less crowded, more relaxed viewing.

Chinamike1410 the best beach for totty watching, Jumeriah Beach, Dubai. Only the best come out to play, haha

melanierenzulli I must also say that Hedonism in Negril, Jamaica, has awful human beach scenery-waaay TMI (I was on a visit from other hotel!)

McMedia As of late worst beach scenery is Jersey Shore .. Snooki, The Situation .. #Cleanupourshore

Tao Beach image by Adventurous Kate

Q5. Top 3 islands on your vacation bucket list? Why?

TravelingPerly Maldives, Bora-Bora and Seychelles

lindapugliese The Azores for the food, Inishbofin for the beauty, low population & Guinness & Manhattan b/c i need to take advantage of it more often

travelerlauren Corsica, Madagascar, back to Cuba.

MichiH19 Molokai, Hawaii. Boracay, The Philippines. Crete, Greece. All are romantic!

Maldives image: iujaz

Q6. Scariest incident while on the water?

RobertKCole Bouncing off canyon walls on overturned river raft on Yellowstone river fishing out friends in 38 degree water

Lozula having to swim a mile to get help when our boat capsized off Cousine Island, Seychelles. Shark chat most of the way.

amandaelsewhere Sailing through the pirate infested Strait of Malacca at full speed! (Actually, that was kind of awesome!!)

theroamantics lost my dad on a huge cruise ship when i was 11 & no-one would page him. where was cruise director julie mccoy when i needed her?!

Image: Ben Chau (Yes, this is what I found when I searched Flickr for “scary water”!)

Q7. Best fishing story on your travels?

globaldish I caught a shark with my bare hands! It was an accident, and it actually involved a fishing rod, but it was epic nonetheless.

Natalie_Travels This is one of those I know a guy who knows a guy but this guy caught a barracuda and while bringing it in it grabbed his FACE! : /

whereisyvette I had a fish pedicure in Cambodia! Such a strange tickling feeling, kept making me giggle.

travelbelles I like holding the pole. Does that count as fishing?

Image: skinnyde

Q8. Best white water rafting you’ve tried?

CravenTravels Have only been white WINE rafting, water is over rated…

Melissa_Abroad Falling out of a canoe on the Virgin River, Utah. “Surfed” the rapids (tiny) til I broke a foot.

poohstraveler Never been…closest thing would be Grizzly Rapids at Disneyland’s California Adventure Park. 🙂

lisajanPA Met hubby rafting the Nahatlatch River in BC. My “Big Fish” that never got away.

Colorado River image: Al_HikesAZ

Q9. Rainforest you have visited or hope to visit?

KWanderlust3 The bamboo forest in Maui was beyond incredible, it inspired my bamboo tattoo

TravelsceneUSA Cape Tribulation in Northern Queensland, it’s where the Rainforest meets the Reef

DangerousBiz Feel like everyone wants to visit Amazon. Though, there’s some scary-ass sh*t there! The show River Monsters has terrified me.

santafetraveler Is there one without poisonous snakes, crocs and gators (besides the Olympic Peninsula)? What can I say, I have issues.

Costa Rica image: thombo2

Q10. Favorite resort/hotel pool? Name of property & locale?

mobilelawyer Anywhere with a swim-up bar. Swim-up blackjack + bar gets major bonus points.

GlobalBasecamps I’ve heard amazing things about the aquatonic hydromassage pool at the Ritz in Bali

ZipSetAndrea Cavalieri Hilton/Rome has beautiful Roman pool boys dressed in white that spritz you w/Evian [THERE WE GO!]

BridalTravelGuy HANDS DOWN the pool at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas… I have no clue what the pool looks like either

Another excuse to post my Tao Beach video from Vegas!

And that’s the week!

Travelers’ Night In, founded and organized by the lovely ladies at ZipSetGo, takes place on Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 ET. All are welcome! Follow the #TNI tag to see the questions and conversation!


8 Responses to “Travelers’ Night In — Water World!”
  1. Jade says:

    My favorite part are the pictures!! and a video?! Are you kidding me!

  2. Teresa says:

    I keep missing these amazing #TNI’s! Esp since I’m going sailing today! Ugh! I love the photographs you chose though. I think I’m going to start filling out my own #TNIs for my personal benefit and even keep them limited to 140 characters.

  3. Andi says:

    I’m obsessed with all things water, so I thoroughly enjoyed this!!!!

  4. LeslieTravel says:

    Another great recap! I missed TNI the last couple of weeks but am looking forward to the next one.

    BTW, you really must provide some detail behind this photo: “Tao Beach image by Adventurous Kate”. Backpacker party at the hostel? 😉

    • HA! Tao Beach is part of Tao Nightclub at the Venetian in Las Vegas — it’s an insane pool party during the summer! I loved it. Especially our cabana.

      People with cabanas got goodie bags that included black star-shaped pasties. One of the guys has one on his nipple.

  5. Amanda says:

    I really liked this week’s #TNI! It was fun, and this is a great recap. Thanks for including me!

  6. Erin says:

    This round up is really useful- thanks!

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